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KOs 2- Favorite Performance


KOs 2- Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Ian Harrison - Cough Syrup
    • Omar Jose Cardona - Radioactive Soul
    • Morgan Taylor - I Got You (I Feel Good)
    • Bryce Leatherwood - Colder Weather
    • Jay Allen - Pray for You
    • Kate Kalvanch - Anyone
  2. 2. Grade Ep 2 (KOs)

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)
  3. 3. Are you as shocked as I am at Bryce losing in the app (by a lot)?

    • Yep. Wow
    • Nah.

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Ok since its less trios this time ill rank all of these singers 




1) Kate


montaged, but slayed


2) Eric


Enjoyable, despite there being issues


3) Morgan

4) Ian

5) Omar




6) Bryce




7) Jay


You deserve better!




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C for me. 


1. Omar - I just dig this guy. Yeah, this wasn´t perfect, but his vocal chops are still outrageous, and I can´t help but be entertained by watching him on stage. He´s legit.


2. Kate - She finally found her footing. Good use of her tone with the song, and I like the power she showcased. Deservingly advanced.


3. Morgan - Wasn´t a fan of the arrangement, but vocally, I can´t really complain much. She´s good.


4. Bryce - Was expecting to like this a lot more than I did. He´s got a great tone, and I can hear him making records, but I feel he hasn´t been showcasing the power he´s capable of, and indeed he was a bit pitchy tonight. Hope he steps it up on lives, because that app loss is telling.


5. Ian - Solid voice, but this song didn´t do him favors. Still, I´d check out a record of his based on his body of work.


6. Jay - This was pretty rough, sadly. I know he´s capable of much more.

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I usually don't rank montages, but this one was particularly egregious that I felt the need to highlight him.

7.  Bryce Leatherwood - I did not feel the urgency needed in the song at all. He needs to stick to classic country.

6. Jay Allen - sad to see one of my eye candies go, but yeah, this was not up to snuff.

5. Eric Who - yes, we barely saw this performance, but I legit wanted to see more of it. I just love his utter fearlessness.

4. Ian Harrison - this really should have worked better than it did. He just lacks the confidence to really get in the spirit of the song.

3. Morgan Taylor - arrangement worked for me, but she lost the thread in the middle. She needs to workshop this arrangement with Scary Pockets.

2. Omar Jose Cardona - distracting stage presence aside, this was a solid vocal. Still his weakest outing though.

1. Kate Kalvach - there's something about her tone that's very compelling. Her best performance yet, but I still want her to shift into a higher gear.

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