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Battles Ep 5 (Performances)


Battles Ep 5 (Performances)  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Omar José Cardona vs Lana Love - Into the Unknown
    • Andrew Igbokidi vs Zach Newbound - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    • Bryce Leatherwood vs The Dryes - Red Dirt Road
  2. 2. Grade Battles Episode 5

    • A (amazing)
    • B (good)
    • C (ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (fail)

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3. Bryce Leatherwood vs. The Dryes - too laidback for me to fully enjoy, but it was well sung.

2. Andrew Igbokidi vs. Zach Newbould - needed more projection, really liked a lot of moments from Zach here.

1. Omar Jose Cardona vs. Lana Love - a true battle in every sense. Lana should have been saved/stolen.

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Where's the option for Chello and Constance????? :wacko:Did you see their awkward dance moves, Chello jumping and doing some sort of kick, and the messy vocals? Their battle would've been so iconic!!! We were robbed!

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45 minutes ago, Teraginn said:

3. Bryce Leatherwood vs. The Dryes

2. Andrew Igbokidi vs. Zach Newbould 

1. Omar Jose Cardona vs. Lana Love

copy-paste. thoughts:

- the dryes were good, but something about bryce felt more compelling to me

- zach fit what i wanted for the song more, but andrew is very talented

- omar was so good. lana is a strong singer, though i thought the song fit omar better.

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1. Omar Jose Cardona vs Lana Love - This was SO over-the-top and it just worked for me. Sad to see Lana go, but Omar was the correct winner here.


2. Bryce Leatherwood vs The Dryes - I'm sure that this song connects deeply with a certain demographic and brings them back fond memories. I am not part of that demographic. Anyway, I agree that there is something compelling about Bryce, even though Mrs. Katelyn Drye's tone stands out more. I wish the duo was more in sync.


3. Andrew Igbokidi vs Zach Newbould - This actually grew on me upon a rewatch, but the arrangement after the key change is still off to me. The song was an interesting pick for Zach's voice; I genuinely want to hear an alt-rock version of this song now.


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1- Omar vs Lana - Might hold it for my favorite battle of the season. It just worked for me. The intros, the climax, the energy, it just came together magnificently.


2. Bryce vs The Dryes - Beautiful harmonies, even though they kinda struggled with the tempo at the start. Bryce won this one for me, gorgeous low tone and he´s good on stage. He´s dangerous. The Dryes were much better than their blinds, and props for Katelyn´s standout vocals and Derek´s slide guitar playing.


3. Andrew vs Zach - Camila "slow arrangements" Cabello strikes again. I think Zach took this one. Andrew had nice runs but he sounded nervous.

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