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Battles Ep 3


Battles Ep 3   

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Eric Who vs Sydney Kronmiller - Paparazzi
    • Brayden Lape vs Benny Waeg - Pretty Heart
    • Parijita Bastola vs The Marylinds - How Deep is Your Love
  2. 2. Grade Battles Episode 3

    • A (amazing)
    • B (good)
    • C (ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (fail)

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3. Brayden Lape vs. Benny Weag - just a bad matchup all around. Song choice was a terrible fit. Benny was the obvious winner but Blake had to go and pull the teenage potential card.

2. Eric Who vs. Sydney Kronmiller - really sleepy arrangement, not befitting of Queen GaGa. Eric at least felt like he's channeling some energy and drama into his performance. Sydney should not have been paired here in the first place.

1. Parijita Bastola vs. The Marilynds - not in love with the arrangement, but this was a decent battle. I really love Parijita's lower harmonies here. She's a very subtly technical singer.

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I gave tonight an F. Parijita gave a good performance and Eric and Sydney's battle was salvageable I guess, but tonight was overall terrible. I like Brayden a lot, but he and Benny's voices just completely clashed. The only part of this night that I enjoyed was the 15 seconds we heard SolSong and Morgan. Such an amazing song choice and Morgan sounded fantastic compared to her audition; I loved hearing her on a grungier song as opposed to the awkward one she chose for her audition. 

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C for me. Step down from last night.



1. Eric Who vs Sydney Kronmiller: Unexpectedly ended up being my favorite of the night by a long shot. Eric is a monster on stage and Sydney's tone is haunting and unique. I think Eric was more consistent, so I gave it yo him, but Syd also deserved to stay. Pleasant surprise.


2. Parijita Bastola vs The Marylinds: The sisters seem nice, and clearly are competent at what they do, but man, they fail to generate any excitement whatsoever in me listening to them. This battle was Parijita's, and while I preferred her on her blind, she was up to the task here as well.


3. Brayden Lape vs Benny Waeg : Brayden's tone is nice, but dude is so green and raw that I'm off thinking he should have waited a year or two before auditioning. Benny didnt deliver a masterpiece of a vocal either, but I thought he was the clear winner here. 



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1. Parijita Bastola vs The Marilynds - The song choice was boring and so were the Marilynds, but Parijita slayed as I expected she would and carried the performance. The Paparazzi battle was more deserving of a steal/save tbh.

2. Eric Who vs Sydney Kronmiller - Seems to be the most polarizing battle here in terms of if it worked or not. Personally, I lean a little towards the "not" side. The whole battle felt like it was building up to a climax that never came. I'd pick Sydney for her tone but Eric had nice moments as well.

3. Brayden Lape vs Benny Weag - Pretty weak battle overall, but I thought Benny clearly had the more controlled vocal. The coaches chose Brayden due to age and appeal.

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1. Eric vs Sydney - Bizarre arrangement, yes, but boy did I get a kick out of it. I side with Eric here because he is more “natural” (Sydney’s voice sometimes feels like a gimmick) but both should have moved on.

2. Parijita vs The Marilynds - A very dull song choice “ruined” what I found to be one of the best battles in terms of execution. The duo were surprisingly solid but they acted as Parijita’s background singers, who was fantastic again. Snowflake alert? 👀


(huuuuuge gap)


3. Brayden vs Benny - I can’t find a single positive about this performance. Benny was extremely bland and even then I thought he clearly outsang his opponent. Brayden was… shocking, to put it lightly.

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