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If the Voice had an All-Star Season, Who do you want to see come back


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42 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

I'd love to see former contestants that were green but are now much more experienced.

Yeah, I don't mind having a couple top 12-makers/finalists, but I want a mix of everyone. People who lost their battle or KO, people who were 16/17 but are now 25/26 with a better vocal identity, people who shifted genres entirely, contestants who quit music and need an excuse to get back into it bc IDF will stan *coughEllieLawrencecough*


So many options. And yes, at bare minimum it gives these contestants an extra little boost of exposure.

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4 minutes ago, katybay said:

I remember being so sad to sew Jake Wells go in Season 15, but those knockouts were insane so some good ones went home unfortunately.


I loved his tone and would be nice to see him come back. 

Also Julia cooper was absolutely robbed.

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Ngl, I would love for an All-Stars spin-off show akin to AGT Champions where past contestants from international versions (as well as the US one duh) come back. And there would be 5 chairs (like they did in France) that represent each continent where that person coached their version of The Voice. I've been fantasizing about if for a while now.

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I'm gonna list people who didn't make it past the playoffs:


Emily Luther

Karli Webster

Kelsea Johnson

Reid Umstattd

Jake Wells


Lynnea Moorer (i thought she had potential)

Savannah Brister

Cecily Hennigan

Domenic Haynes


Kailey Abel

Kelsie Watts

Sid Kingsley

Brittany Bree

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