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The Amazing Race 34 (Premieres 9/21)


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We have our official cast reveal! No NEL this season 😮. I'm not against that twist tbh.




As was rumored, Derek & Claire from BB23 are now confirmed on the season. Rex Ryan seems to be the only other "celebrity" amongst the cast, a former NFL coach and now ESPN analyst.

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So excited for the premiere. :w00twave: TAR has always been my favorite of the 3 CBS RTV shows. ❤️ 



This article has a sneak peek of the season premiere.

It also talks about a new twist called “The Scramble” which apparently is a twist where they are given 3 tasks to complete but get to choose the order they do them in? That’s all I got from this article. :haha: 


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Yayy I'm walking into another show where I don't know anyone. :dead: Well except, at least TAR has Derek X & Claire, so at least I know them. :haha: 


I actually never saw much of Derek & Claire as a couple so I'm looking forward to getting to see them as a couple here. :haha: 

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