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The Amazing Race 34 (Premieres 9/21)


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8 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

I feel like this twist would've worked better if they had done it later in the season when we already know the racers instead of in the premiere where there 12 teams we're trying to keep track of that we don't even know. :dead: 


6 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

It's confusing to know who's doing good or not. :dead:

YESS to all of this. I'm so confused with who is doing the best and who isn't. :lmao: 

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Just now, *Amanda said:

Same. :dead: I really hope this  is a one-leg thing and not a season-long thing. :haha: 

Ooh goodness, was there talk of this happening all season long? 😐 I actually like it as a one-leg thing but not for the whole season. :lmao: 

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