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S22- Pre Season Top 16 Favorties

erik g

Vote Your Favorites  

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  1. 1. Team Camilla

  2. 2. Team Legend

  3. 3. Team Gwen/Blake (Pick one of each)

    • Alyssa Witrado (Gwen)
    • Justin Aaron (Gwen)
    • Kique Gomez (Gwen)
    • Kevin Hawkins (Gwen)
    • Bodie (Blake)
    • Brayden Lape (Blake)
    • Bryce Leatherwood (Blake)
    • Rowan Grace (Blake)

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Team Camila: Eric Who (voted Morgan because I did not read all the names for some reason lol but she's #2 for me so it's fine)

Team Legend: Kim (although Parijita is a close second and I rlly enjoy Kate based on what I've seen so far)

Team Gwen: Kevin

Team Blake: Rowan


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