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Canada’s Drag Race - Season 3


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Premiering July 14th, 2022 !



CDR3-Bombae.jpg CDR3-Chelazon.jpg CDR3-Gisele.jpg
BOMBAE (Toronto, ON)  ||  CHELAZON LEROUX (Saskatoon, SK) || GISELE LULLABY (Montreal, QC)


CDR3-Halal.jpg CDR3-Irma.jpg CDR3-Jada.jpg
HALAL BAE (Toronto, ON) || IRMA GERD (St. John's, NFLD) || JADA SHADA HUDSON (Toronto, ON)

CDR3-Kaos.jpg CDR3-Kimmy.jpg CDR3-LBB.jpg

KAOS (Calgary, AB) || KIMMY COUTURE (Ottawa, ON) || LADY BOOM BOOM (Montreal, QC)


CDR3-Miss-Fierce.jpg 34d3756daf22162ed4653de557582211  CDR3-Vivian.jpg


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46 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I still haven't watched España or Italia and DRH2 not that I need to and they're announcing more seasons. I feel like @*Wallace

You feel my pain. :dead: 


Not another season coming when I haven't watched the 2nd Canada season. 🙈 I'm starting to feel like JC, lmao.

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Pre-season ranking from MTQ but always what I know about the queens before the season !

  1. Gisele Lullaby : YESSS, so happy that Gisele is on ! Known her for a few years now and I just love everything about her & ready for her to slay the competition like Rita. Praying that she's the first French-Canadian to win CDR !
  2. Kimmy Couture : Not Miss Kimmy Couture trying to fool us and telling she was inactive on Instagram because she was on a vacation :dead:.  Anyway, I absolutely love Kimmy and she's a killer performer just like her drag mom. Ready for her to follow in Icesis's footstep :wub: 
  3. Irma Gerd : OMG, our first Atlantic Canadian queen :wub:.  She's one of my favourite by default, but it also helps that I've known of her for a while as she's pretyt much a well known drag in the East Coast.  Can't wait for her to be the confessional queen of the season! (Side note: I am nervous how she will compare to the queens from the bigger city, but nonetheless, so happy that she's on and hopefully more atlantic canadian queens will be on in the seasons to come).
  4. Jada Shade Hudson : Jada!!!! She's such a fierce queen and I am so excited for her to slay CDR - I know she's going in with lots of name recognition so I am hoping that she's not victim of the Tynomi curse. 
  5. Bombae : She seems like a firecracker and can't wait to see what she will bring to the competition. 
  6. Lady Boom Boom : She looks gorgeous, and French-Canadian represent!
  7. Vivian Vandpuss : Love her personality, and I am here for a camp queen !
  8. Chelazon : First queen from SK !  Excited to see their indigenous inspired drag. 
  9. Halal Bae : Another queen that Wally will stan :wub: 
  10. Miss Fercalicious : Not sure how I feel about her yet, I fear that she's trying to imitate other delusional queens but we shall see !
  11. Kaos : Loving that MTQ look! No doubt that they will slay the runway so I am curious how they'll do with the other challenges thrown at them. Will they be a Crystal & Pythia type of queen ? Or fail to impress us like Acid Betty ?  Time will tell. 
  12. Miss Moco : I am indifferent about her; Just not wow by her compare to the other queens. 
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9 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Not Miss Kimmy Couture trying to fool us and telling she was inactive on Instagram because she was on a vacation

Kimmy Couture appearing back on her very active social media pages after suddenly disappearing for a month: omg hey everyone, sorry I disappeared, I was on vacation in a tropical resort with absolutely no cell reception, I'm so random


Literally everyone:


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Alright everything based solely on the 1 minute of their youtube videos.


1. Irma Gerd fantastic name, likable, and I hope they will be funny!

2. Kimmy Couture - Really liked what I saw, and Icesis has good taste so I will probably stan.

3. Gisele Lullaby - seems likable so far, and I dug their promo look!

4. Bombae - fantastic name, easily best name of the cast.  Cool looking outfit too.

5. Chelazon Leroux - I could be into it.

6. Jada Shada Hudson - TERRIBLE drag name, but I think I will appreciate her personality.

7. Kaos - a Winnipeg queen by way of Calgary!

8. Vivian Vanderpuss - eh.

9. Halel Bae - meh.

10. Miss Moco - don't remember her.

11. Miss Fiercelicious - um, eh.... Awful name, and seemingly unlikable out of the gate.

12. Lady Boom Boom - didn't care for the 1 minute of screen time.

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14 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Based on complete first impressions, team Kimmy and Jada.


10 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Twins :wub:


Move over, @*Wallace, you’re not watching the seasons and have been replaced 

Rude Elliott. :dead:


I'll try to keep note of these names as I'm sure they'll be my pre-show faves.... for whenever I watch this in 2024. :haha: 

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