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Rank the Top 7 Contestant Singles


Rank the Top 7 Contestant Singles  

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  1. 1. Favorite Single(s) from the Top 5?

    • Fritz Hager - "Hearts Align"
    • HunterGirl - "Red Bird"
    • Leah Marlene - "Flowers"
    • Nicolina Bozzo - "Glitter"
    • Noah Thompson - "One Day Tonight"
  2. 2. Favorite Single(s) from the Eliminated Contestants?

    • Christian Guardino - "Higher"
    • Jay Copeland - "Unlonely"

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My thoughts:

- The production and lyrics in this season's singles are amazing compared to last season's! Last season's singles were uninspired and generic, while this season's singles feel like the contestants actually had creative control in them.

- Out of the Top 5, I don't necessarily hate any of the tracks. I dislike Noah's lyrics and find them cringe, and I don't like how Hunter's voice sounds on her track, but thats more of a personal thing.

- I love all 3 of Fritz/Leah/Nicolina's songs, but voted for Leah as my favorite because of the 70's/Fleetwood Mac vibes in the chorus ❤️

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I listened to all the singles and loved them. Though Noah's lyrics is kinda cringy for my taste but he sounds great. Leah's sounds incredible, Nicolina's song and lyrics made my eyes tear up and that was gorgeous, Hunter's song sounds like it could be on the radio and I love the lyrics but it's not as good as Fritz, Nicolina's, or Leah's. I voted for Fritz because I see myself playing his single on repeat forever and it was my absolute favorite and the lyrics sounds perfect and something I could hear on the radio as well. It might be his best song and my personal favorite from him and I love his originality and creativity. He's the real deal for sure. For Christian and Jay that was hard but I voted Jay as my favorite eliminated contestant. Loved Christian too. 

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I cannot believe that I am going to say this but to me Hunter Girl by far has the best song and she sounds lovely!!!


i have been listening to Christian’s song and it has grown on me. If he had sung more songs like this one and fewer power ballads he might have done better.

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Thanks, Erik!


Here's my analysis of the Top 5 singles:


1.  Leah -- my favorite by a slim margin.  I love the flower images in her video.

2.  Nicolina -- she was excellent as always!

3.  Fritz -- he was a little better than Huntergirl.

4.  Huntergirl -- she was very good, but I loved the others above her a little more.

5.  Noah -- he was okay but nothing special.


And here's my opinions on Jay & Christian's singles --


Jay:  very interesting.  His voice is really cool on this song.

Christian:  his voice is fine but I think that Jay's song was more interesting.

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