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Favorite "It's A Mans Mans Mans World" Cover

erik g

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  1. 1. Favorite Cover of "Its A Mans Mans Mans World"

    • Juliet Simms
    • Judith Hill vs. Karina Iglesias
    • Sisaundra Lewis vs. Biff Gore
    • Koryn Hawthrone
    • Bryan Bautista vs. Malik Heard
    • Brooke Simpson
    • Mike Jerel

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My favorite female US performance is Brooke Simpson because she remembered to tell a story.


My favorite male US performance is Bryan Bautista because he added a falsetto and changed it up.


But my all time favorite is Karise Eden from the Voice AUS, S1. One of the best performances of any song, not just this one.



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3 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

Sisaundra vs Buff was my first-instinct vote, but it occurs to me that I have never heard Juliet's version and that's probably a mistake.



Nbc GIF by The Voice


Juliet would've been my vote.

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