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Who did you prefer between Jordan/Viktor, Chris K/Michael lee, and Patrique/Sandy???

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Jordan Smith - Set Fire To The Rain
    • Viktor Kiraly - If I Ain't Got You
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Chris Kroeze - Burning House
    • Michael Lee - Whipping Post
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Patrique Fortson - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
    • Sandy Redd - Dangerous Woman

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1. Jordan, but I don't think Viktor is too far behind.


2. Michael. Just prefer his style


3. Patrique was flawless and more impressive vocally, but I think he overdid it a tad with the runs. I'm amazed by his vocals but I don't really feel it, and that's important since this song is a bit emotional.


Sandyredd was great vocally, more importantly though, she's a concert and her performance gets me amped everytime. I also think her distinct style suits her song more than Patrique's rnb singing suits Aerosmith. So my vote goes to sandy


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1. Jordan and Viktor both gave great performances (one of my favorite KO matchups ever). There was no way Jordan was not getting picked though.

2. Michael’s performance was definitely more interesting. I never really liked any Chris performances though.

3. Patrique had a really good take on an overdone song outside his genre, while Sandy wasn’t at the level of her previous performance

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1. Jordan, easily. Viktor was good but he never really caught my interest that much.


2. I loved this pairing. Even though I ended up liking Chris more in the long run (since we got to see more of him on the show), Michael definitely took it here. The gritiness of the Allman Brothers was present throughout. (Check out Michael's sefl titled blues album everywhere and Chris's self titled EP).


3. Patrique was so underrated it hurts. This was his, definitely. SandyRedd was good but this one didnt do it for me like her past two performances.


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