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Sound alikes (Part 1)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Mathew Shuler
    • Thunderstorm Artis
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Josh Kaufman
    • Todd Tilghman
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Jordan Smith
    • Carter Rubin

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I don't think they all sound really similar but still you could tell that they do have (kind of) similar tones. P.S. I've seen many people comparing their voices before so....


Also, Joshua doesn't sound like Jordan he just had that "Shock Factor" that Jordan had. I think Carter's Tone is more similar to Jordan than Joshua's.

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1. Mathew - I love "Summertime" but overall Mathew had a better run. Cough Syrup, Light em' up, Cosmic Love, Wrecking Ball and the lost goes on. I think at his best he's one of the best ever.


2. Todd - Josh is one of the best male vocalists of all-time. Some here Would even argue that he's THE best. But Todd has my favorite Tone out of the two. Anymore is one if my favorite KOs and his Finale set is one of my favorite sets of all-time.


3. Jordan - Carter is really talented singer. "You Say" clearly shows he can SING. But with that said, Jordan's performances are some of the best we've ever seen. I pick him.


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Josh and Todd  are similar in the fact that they are bearded grown men with glasses that also happen to be fathers and MJ snowflakes. Plus they won.


Vocally though, there's nothing remotely similar about their tones. Josh's is light and lends itself into more R&B/Soul, and he has a great falsetto to boot. Todd's is gravelly and grainy with a strong rasp, way more fit for country and soft rock, plus gospel, obviously. 


Out of the two I prefer Josh, but I really like Todd as well.


As for the other options, I actually kinda see the similarilty on tones but I wouldnt call them sound-alikes. I'll go with TStorm and Jordan.


If you want sound-alikes, go for Cole Vosbury(S5) and Chris Kroeze (S15). Tell me they dont sound similar. Not the same, but really close.

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37 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:



Jordan, but this is not a fair matchup. 


This is not a matchup where you are supposed to pick the one who is superior vocally or technically. You're just supposed to pick the one who you prefer.

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Matthew vs Thunderstorm is very difficult. As for Thunderstorm, he never declined like Matthew, but Matthew was on a much longer season with actual Live performances. Plus he was in a more competitive season than Thunderstorm. And Matthew had a lot of moments before his declined, which happened right when Thunderstorm’s season ended. I guess I can make a stronger argument for Matthew, so he wins.

Josh. I felt like I enjoyed him more throughout the season than Todd. Yeah, they’re more similar based on look and age, their voices are very different


Jordan. He was more technically skilled than Carter and more developed. Plus he was more consistent throughout his run 

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