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Where Would You Rank GNT in Your List Of Winners?

Hamza Tufail

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Alisan Porter, Jordan Smith, Maelyn Jarmon, Cam Anthony, Tessanne Chin, Chris Blue and Girl Named Tom are the winners I’ve loved the most


2021 is definitely my favorite year for winners. (And probably will be, considering we will likely never have two seasons in a year again)

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Oh I know IDF is going to be mad about my ranking lol here it is: (From S3 onwards -> excluding S5...haven't watched it):


1. Cam Anthony

2. Todd Tilghman

3. Craig Wayne Boyd

4. Jake Hoot

5. Jordan Smith

6. Sundance Head

7. Chevel Shepherd

8. Maelyn Jarmon

9. Girl Named Tom - Current rank

10. Cassadee Pope

11. Josh Kaufman

12. Danielle Bradbery

13. Brynn Cartelli

14. Chloe Kohanski

15. Carter Rubin

16. Chris Blue

17. Alisan Porter


I liked all of them. But this is based on my personal taste and how I feel about their run on the show overall.

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Last season almost all of the votes were "top 5" or "top 10" but a very few "#1". This season GNT has more "top 15" or "15-20" votes than Cam but they have a lot of "#1" votes. This goes to show even though GNT are polarizing winners yet they still have a very strong Fandom. Means that people this season really "stan" them unlike last season where they just liked Cam and rooted for him because he was the most deserving of the win.

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