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Noah Thompson Fan Thread

Idol Maniac

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Loving reading all the articles about Noah and loving his One Day Tonight song and so good to see how well it is doing on the charts as well. 


Looking to watching the show live later and hoping Noah gets to the top 3 and gets to do his homecoming on Tuesday. I wish there was a way I could vote. 

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So proud of Noah getting to the final 3 he's got to get that winners American Idol crown. 


Really looking forward to Noah getting his hometown visit tomorrow. 


Themes for the final are Single and Bruce Springsteen Songbook. 

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20 hours ago, Hbrue123 said:

When I saw those two theme on a article on Mjsbigblog I hope they do more than two songs. 

Me, too!! With a 3 hour show they should be able to sing 3 songs each!!!

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