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Noah Thompson Fan Thread

Idol Maniac

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The Nashville Briefing named Noah one of 25 artists to watch. Here is Noah's segment from the article linked below.

Hometown - Louisa, KY


  • MGMT - Tiffany Bearden

  • Label - 19 Recordings/BBR Music Group

  • Agent - Justin Hill (UTA)

Noah Thompson went from being a construction worker in a town of only 2,852 residents, to winning American Idol and the hearts of millions across the country. After being crowned 2022’s Idol winner, Thompson is working to solidify his place in country music. This past June the artist released his debut EP Middle of God Knows Where, produced by Eric Arjes and Jimmy Robbins. The project features his debut song “One Day Tonight,” which immediately shot to No. 1 on iTunes All Genres and Country charts when he won the show. It is still racking up an incredible number of on-demand streams, averaging nearly 1 million per week.

Road Food - Cook Out



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Noah has great songs, he's HOT, he's improved with performing, etc. He's the entire package. I don't get why his label or management is such garbage? You literally could have a huge artist here if you actually acted like you cared and promoted him better.

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