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Will Blake get all 3 in the finale? (Pre-semis poll)


Will Blake get all 3 in the finale? (Pre-semis poll)  

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    • Yes, he 100% will.
    • Not a chance in hell.
    • It depends on how the night goes.

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Paris will get there, for sure.  Wendy I thought would depend on whether or not Holly would've been a factor, since I'd thought that she was the only one with a realistic chance of beating her out for the public vote.  But now that she's not a factor anymore, I believe that she'll probably be voted straight through, as well.


But if Lana gets through by Instant Save (the only way I see her getting there) . . . then it's beyond time that TPTB just take the risk and consider that Blake's death knell.  Fans are already accusing them of rigging things for Blake (even though I don't for a second think that they are), and that'll just add fuel to the fire.  It'll just show that his base is way too powerful and can only be neutralized with his departure.


Won't happen, of course, but at least it's something that they should consider.

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It Depends on how the night goes


I have Both Wendy and Lana Both going straight through


I have Paris winning the Instant Save


2 of them are definitely going straight through


Wendy is the only shoo-in of the 3 though


as of now before performances


Lana - Top Four


Paris - Wins the Instant Save and is the Fifth Finalist


Wendy - Top Four

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