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After POs, predict Paris Winningham's fate


After POs, predict Paris Winningham's fate  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • He will win
    • He will make finale but not win
    • Eliminated in Semifinals
    • Eliminated in the Top 10
    • Eliminated in the Top 11
    • Eliminated in the Top 13

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Yeah, I'm really not doubting this guy anymore lol. He went from predicted TB fodder to PV.


Its clear that Minivan likes him, given him leading on stats for two consecutive rounds. His KO made them see him in a new light, and they are on for the ride.


If he keeps being consistent and gets good song choices, I can see him making the finale.

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Minivan adores him, and with Blake being more chilled on song selections than most of the coaches, I think he’s going to have little issue making the semis barring major vocal health problems.


Side note: I’d be laughing my ass off if he made the finale after most of IDF ignored him up til the KOs (granted, I wasn’t actively on his fan thread before that point either, but I had been at least keeping an eye on him).

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