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Rank the Teams! - Playoffs


Rank the teams [Playoffs]  

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  1. 1. Which team performed the best overall [Playoffs]?

    • Kelly
    • John
    • Ariana
    • Blake

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Kelly’s team was great. I wish four people on her team could make Top 13. Even her worst performer did better than the worst on other teams. 


John and Blake had some good and okay performances. I liked Paris and also Wendy on Team Blake but the other three were okay. As for John, he had Jershika and Shadale do well, but the others were decent.


Ariana’s team was really bad. It included the 2 worst performances of the night. I’d say that the teams in the S14 playoffs were probably better. I am not happy that three contestants are advancing here when a good Team Kelly performer is likely getting eliminated.

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