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Rank Team Blake Post Blinds


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1. Wendy Moten

2. Peedy Chavis

3. Tommy Edwards

4. Hailey Green

5. The Joy Reunion

6. LiBianca

7. Carson Peters

8. Lana Scott

9. Manny Keith

10. Kaitlyn Velez
11. Berritt Haynes

12. Clint Sherman


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Purely personal preference:


1. Wendy Moten

2. Hailey Green

3. LiBianca

4. Tommy Edwards

5. Peedy Chavis

6. Kaitlyn Velez

7. Manny Keith

8. The Joy Reunion


9. Carson Peters

10. Lana Scott
11. Berritt Haynes (not enough info to fairly judge)

12. Clint Sherman (just enough info to fairly judge)


This is a more genre-diverse team than I expected from Blake (with four people that don’t sound country - even if one’s got the chops for it - and three more that didn’t audition with country but sound like they could make a country song work). Overall, decent, but he’s had better post-blinds teams.

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1. Lana Scott

2. LiBianca

3. Tommy Edwards

4. Wendy Moten

5. Carson Peters

6. Clint Sherman (based on the clip we saw)

7. Peedy Chavis

8. Kaitlyn Velez

9. Hailey Green

10. The Joy Reunion

11. Manny Keith

12. Berritt Haynes (based on the clip we saw0



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