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S21: Favorite Audition (Ep 3)


S21: Favorite Audition (Ep 3)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Raquel Trinidad - I Wish
    • The Joy Reunion - Boondocks
    • Hailey Mia - You Broke Me First
    • Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye
    • Carson Peters - Tulsa Time
    • Keilah Grace - Never Tear Us Apart
    • Samara Brown - Sweet Thing
    • Holly Forbes - Rocket Man

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1. Samara - Casually tackling a Chaka Khan song, perfecting every note, and only getting 2 chairs. Smh Blake and Kelly 🙄

2. Holly - Incredibly pleasing to listen to. Some really incredible vocals there. I can't wait for what's to come from her.

3. Jeremy - Some lovely belts and falsetto here. Furthermore, the best versions of Country songs are song by non-country artists.

4. Hailey - Played it pretty safe, leading to a faultless performance that leaves you wanting more, in a good way, and a bad way.

5. Joy Reunion -  I can't lie, this is a bop, and I'm surprised how many country artists I've liked this season.

6. Raquel - Her runs are amazing, but it did take until the chorus for it to get really good.

7. Keilah - Some vocal choices didn't turn out perfect, but this girl got vocals for days.

8. Carson - Uhhhh... at least he's cute?

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