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Who sang "Electric Love" better?

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Who did it better?  

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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Noah Mac
    • Mikaela Astel
    • Zae Romeo

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Noah for me.  I loved his flipped version, with the stripped-down accompaniment with the string quartet stacked on each other and the limited bass and percussion.


Mikaela's was very nice, too.  I loved her indie voice on it.


Zae's was also quite nice, though I appreciated Noah and Mikaela's quite a bit more.

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1. Noah Mac - Flawless. This performance was EVERYTHING.

2. Mikaela Astel - A cute instrumental, well executed.

3. Zae Romeo - Strong vocals and overall a great job, but man did I hate what they did with the backing track. Each version of the song was flipped super far from the original and this is the only version that didn't land. Literally my only complaint - Zae as a vocalist did fine lol.

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1. Noah Mac: this is Noah Mac we're talking about, he's one of the best of the best of all time in the show's history and this is one of his better live performances.  Would have been the best of that night easily if it didn't go against Chloe's Total Eclipse of the Heart.

2. Zae Romeo: very good knockout that shocked me by putting him very close to the level of the best person on Nick's team, Rachel.  If he was up against anyone else on that team  he would have won.

3. Mikaela Astel: I didn't watch this season so I had to watch this for the first time and it was pretty solid.  Not on the level of the other two but she has a really pretty tone.  I remember someone showing me her battle and thinking she easily won that though lol.

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I almost want to make this thread but I don't want to see Zae being compared to others


Zae's version is the best for me, I'm impressed how he did vocally because I love Electric Love (I play that song everyday) and I think he could've choose another song but the fact he challenged himself and made it his own is what made me really impressed.

Some people might say it' not the best arrangement but if he sticked to the original version it will not showcase the things that he can do.


Noah, this was not his best for me, you know why? He felt bland in this, his tone here is great but I did not feel it, but I still like it, for me his HBTR, ITAT and River are his best performances for me but definitely not this one.


Michaela did good but tbh I'm a little annoyed on her take.

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