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American Idol Episode 2 Ranking


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1. Casey Bishop

2. Cassandra Coleman

3. Willie Spence

4. Liahona Olayan

5. Amanda Mena

6. Chayce Beckham

7. Hannah Everheart

8. Anthony Guzman

9. Ammon Olayan

10. Calvin Upshaw

11. Yurisbel

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1. Cassandra Coleman

2. Willie Spence

3. Casey Bishop

4. Chayce Beckham

5. Amanda Mena

6. Liahona Olayan

7. Anthony Guzman

8. Hannah Everhart

9. Ammon Olayan

10. Calvin Upshaw

11. Yurisbel


Although in all honesty I feel as though the first 6 should've been the only ones to get yeses. Ok episode for me.

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1.  Casey — the best singer of the night!  She’ll make the Top 20 for sure!  I just hope that she doesn’t struggle later on.

2.  Cassandra — her first song was very good but her second one was a little better.
3.  Amanda — she’s really good!  I hope that they show more of her singing in Hollywood!
4.  Willie — best of the guys this episode.
5.  Liahonya — she was better than her brother and has a decent shot of making the Top 20.
6.  Chayce — not really my cup of tea but he was still very good.
7.  Calvin — he had a very good performance.  Not sure that he’ll make the Top 20 though.
8.  Hannah — began slowly but improved in the middle.  Still not great.
9.  Anthony — he was very good but I didn’t think he was really great.
10.  Ammon — not as good as his sister.  Won’t make the Top 20.
11.  Yurisbel — great entertainer, mediocre vocals.  He’ll probably be cut in the first Hollywood round.

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