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  1. Glad she's doing a pop song! She's an amazing Broadway singer, but the judges usually say no to that genre of singer so I'm hoping they give her the shot she deserves.
  2. 1. Cassandra Coleman 2. Willie Spence 3. Casey Bishop 4. Chayce Beckham 5. Amanda Mena 6. Liahona Olayan 7. Anthony Guzman 8. Hannah Everhart 9. Ammon Olayan 10. Calvin Upshaw 11. Yurisbel Although in all honesty I feel as though the first 6 should've been the only ones to get yeses. Ok episode for me.
  3. There are quite a few people on that list that I'm shocked to hear are in the Top 24. Really hoping its a fake list as much as I would love to know that some of my episode 1/2 favs are for sure in the Top 24.
  4. Idk if I trust this list. Some of these singers are not very good. Worried if this is actually accurate.
  5. Really love Xavier's, Mary Jo's, and Hunter's voices. Also SO EXCITED to see Samantha Sharpe on here. Hopefully they show the whole family because I love them singing together.
  6. Hoping their auditions sound better cuz those clips weren't super flattering IMO lol.
  7. 1. Grace Kinstler (For obvious reasons) 2. Benson Boone (Has the most star potential to me) 3. Anilee List (Flawless vocals for me) 4. Jason Warrior (Great story arc and strong voice) 5. Nia Renee (Amazing voice... wonder if she's just a singer or also an artist) 6. Alex Miller (Great personality and stage presence) 7. Claudia Conway (Giving her the benefit of the doubt that she sounds better than she did) 8. DJ Johnson (Decent tone but super generic lyrics and subpar vocals for me)
  8. There's whole other press release with new contestants out: https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/photos/ Assuming its next Sunday's episode?
  9. I agree. If we want to continue to see amazing singers ever year, we need to get the ratings up. But I do echo everyone's sentiments - I hope she doesn't go far UNLESS she's actually as talented as everyone else is.
  10. I think the one that said James Taylor is Will Pellerin. Love his tone.
  11. I wonder if the singers they keep showing (such as Grace, Jason, DJ, Anilee, Ben) are people just in the first episode? What I didnt like about last season was that they kept showing people that were clearly singers that made at least Top 40, like Francisco, Louis, Arthur, and Sam. I'd like to be a little bit more surprised... if that makes sense? lol.
  12. Looks like the press release is out. (Sorry if I'm late to the game and someone already posted about it) https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/press-releases/ Here are the photos but none of contestants yet: https://www.dgepress.com/abc/shows/american-idol/photos/
  13. Wow I cant wait to see how they're doing everything post-Covid. (Not that Covid is over, but you know what I mean lol.)
  14. I got an ad for his music video while watching a k-pop video. That's amazing that they're putting actual money into marketing for him.
  15. The girl with purple looks like this singer, She Nova, that went viral for having an earthquake go off during a livestream. Could be her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii3orqXaUL8
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