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*** Ricky Duran Fan Thread ***


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Ricky Duran Fan Thread

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Latest Album: "Time and Space"
Release Date: 2/1/22

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Previous Release: "Waiting on You"
Release Date: 9/17/21

Available Now: Stream/Buy













Previous Release: "Star"
Release Date: 6/25/21

Available Now: AmazoniTunes | Spotify









Previous Release: "Selfish Love"
Release Date: 2/26/21

Available Now: AmazoniTunes









Previous Release: "She Closed Her Eyes"
Release Date: 12/4/20

Available Now: AmazoniTunesSpotify | YouTube








 The Voice Season 17



Studio Versions

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1. season1
2. jamescasaki
3. istersay
4. Boston026
5. VoiceFan1
6. Ptones2010
7. ShadowGuy1
8. FlowerEagle
9. mjdolorico
10. Ringoman
11. Spurrious
12. Archanium
13. Soreneraya
14. Someone648
15. indodol
16. monkshood
17. Naira
18. FutureSurvivor
19. girlfighter24
20. thevoicefan
21. bluevelvet
22. tshe.ring
23. Stacey.
24. seamaidencora
25. stilinskies
26. xfactor22
27. Djsoke
28. Vinyl

29. Gmm99
30. Maudie1877
31. VintageVoice

32. David68

33. Dalton Eduardo

34. FloorWax

35. Hamza Tufail

36. Jyn Mycle

37. Bk1234
38. Shere Khan

39. AmyNicole

40. Harmat

41. Misirlou

42. professorX

43. Cookie73

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Original Songs


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[H/T Dany for Trivia images]




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Ricky sounded great tonight. Great way to open the show. One of the best overall. :thumbs:






The Top 2 on each team advances to the Top 13. Let's try to get Ricky to the top 2 on Team Blake. Here's how to vote :sorcerer:








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Congrats to Ricky! I asked if he would sing All along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix and he commented back to me that he would love to sing some Jimi. We'll see! :thumbs:


That'd be cool if he gets to sing a Jimi Hendrix song. :w00t: Next week is dedication week. I hope he gets a song that showcases his strengths -- the soulfulness of his voice, his rasp, his guitar skills.



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What happened to all the fan threads? Anyone else think Ricky's last performance was great? He's probably the only contestant left that I still care about on the show.


There were server problems last week that caused threads to be wiped out if new comments are posted and it only affected existing threads. So the moderators locked the fan threads (and other threads) to preserve their views and counts until the site can hopefully recover data and history. We created new threads for current discussions and hopefully the old and new could be merged when they finally fix whatever server problems we're having.


More discussion here:




RE Ricky's performance, one of the best for me. I hope he gets a much better song in the Top 13, and a good performance slot. :sorcerer:





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