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  1. Heh. Even if it ends up being true, they'll be fodder and/or country. Male indie/alt rockers have zero chance of ever winning the show. They can't even make the finals anymore (Britton was classic rock.) Expecting the string of pretty young white females to restart in 3... 2... 1. You're welcome.
  2. S3 was a huge clue, sure, but there was still some semblance of actual "competition" remaining. Let's say that went out the door as well more and more offensively with the seasons. When the former AI producer--who was fired by AI lol-- joined the ranks, it reached the point of no return, and was forever doomed.
  3. Kelly is an exceptional singer/performer, but I don't like her as a coach and TV personality. I'm beginning to miss the days when Blake was the top dawg. Who knew? :ermm:
  4. I agree. John feels disconnected from his artists. He can really get into some performances, but at the personal level, I don't see it either.
  5. lmaooooo Why am I not surprised?
  6. ^You got me curious so I checked (I know, it's wiki, but they must get some things right some of the time, right?) "The Kelly Clarkson Show is an American television variety talk show hosted by American singer Kelly Clarkson. The show also features segments about "everyday people".[2] Produced and distributed by NBCUniversal Television, it premiered on September 9, 2019, in first-run syndication. NBC Owned Television Stations serves as the show's major affiliate base, and on those stations, it is positioned as a lead-in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on most stations that broadcast the latter, or a centerpiece program leading into local afternoon newscasts.[1] The series also airs the same day on Bravo as part of its overnight programming, and NBC stations and affiliates carrying Kelly also have the option to carry a late night repeat in lieu of an encore of Today with Hoda & Jenna. "
  7. Never watched it, but https://www.nbc.com/kelly-clarkson-show
  8. Interesting! Did it make a difference stream-wise?
  9. Yeah, first 100% Latino finalist on TB ever. Imagine that lol! Kelly should be easily bussable, but won't happen. She's in bed with NBC and it isn't to their advantage to make her look anything less than this amazing victorious coach. I wonder who got fired for S16's epic fail when she didn't even make the finals. :ph34r:
  10. Is there a free live stream to follow the show? And I'm not talking about lame ones like the ones for The Voice that freeze all the time. Otherwise, do they upload whole episodes?
  11. Ah yes, it was Hunter who released new music under a different account. I remember now.
  12. Over Kelly's dead body! Seriously though, Kelly is super competitive, but if Blake's lucky, maybe she'll feel charitable and allow that for just this one time lol.
  13. Yeah. By now all would-be contestants are aware of that. The only benefit to them--since the $100k prize isn't a realistic outcome--is to meet some of the stars, start networking, and hopefully connect enough with their coaches to score some gig here or there.
  14. ^Max seems like a very emotional guy, and it looks like his spirit was crushed after he joined TK. He probably understood all too well his place in the pecking order.
  15. That too lol. Where does that leave Nick as a new judge, supposed to win his season?
  16. Can't wait for "Clash of the Blondes" the IDF version.
  17. Didn't Noah or Hunter, or both also close their Voice account on Spotify? I mean I don't think it hurts that much tbh. Those who still follow contestants after the show know where to find them. The others are unlikely to buy/stream their new stuff anyway.
  18. Xenia was maybe one of Blake's all time fav. idk if they still are, but they were very close for a long time after her season. Maybe I'm just biased bc Xenia is one of my all-time favs. Of course she never made the finals :bleh:
  19. Kelly: Jake, HS John: Katie, Will Gwen: Jake, then Rose Blake: Kat, Ricky (maybe neither one lol) Edit: nvm Read too fast, I thought you meant this season
  20. Right. As for her streaming numbers, Kelly's street teams are formidable.
  21. Look no further. Chances are RR won't lift a finger for Maelyn, she's basically on her own. Meanwhile Kelly and Co are the dream team when it comes to aggressive promo. We'll see if Jake gets the same treatment when hubby doesn't sign him. Ya think?
  22. I agree. It's a shame Maelyn doesn't have a famous coach who could aggressively promote her. Oh wait....
  23. Looking back at the latest seasons: Blake's winning streak might not come back ever as long as Kelly's in. Blake's army defects to Kelly's country contestants, while Kelly's army stays faithful to her no matter what. His only chance would be to take to the finals only one country contestant who looks the part, with Kelly's finalist in a different genre. (Brynn doesn't count, Legendary season and all.) And even then.... Somewhere Adam is smiling. :teehee:
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