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General Christmas Thread

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It's not December

It's barely even November

Outside it's still too warm for snow to fall


Halloween was yesterday

And winter's still a ways away

But try to tell that to the folks down at the mall


Inside's a winter wonderland

I'm sorry, I don't understand

'cause mistletoe on Veteran's Day seems wrong


But the shops are filled with Christmas cheer

And on the speakers, all you hear

Is the way-too-early Christmas song


Leaves just started changing

But the stores are rearranging

Their décor to wintry Christmas themes


See the red and green displays:

"Just 58 more shopping days"

And cardboard elves are planting plastic trees


Jesus in his manger cradle

Plus a little token dreidel

In a big display next to the Cinnabon


With three wise men and gifts they bring

Just plug them in, and they all sing

The way-too-early Christmas song


I know you need to satisfy your investors

But couldn't you wait at least until the Savior's third trimester?


Finally, just outside the Master-Cuts

Was Santa, and that fat b******'s

"Ho ho ho"-ing drove me up the wall


Something snapped, I lost control

And kicked him square in his North Pole

And as he dropped, I decked him in his halls


So, my friends, I wish you well

From the mall security holding cell

I hope that they don't keep me here too long


May you and yours find peace and love

Unless you are the writer of

The way-too-early Christmas song




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Have one more friend and one more family member to buy gifts for, and some cards to buy, and then I will be done Christmas shopping! Here’s what everyone is getting:


Mom: two shirts from her Amazon wish list, a black long sleeved one and a leopard print tank top.

Stepdad: $15 gift card to the movie theater (will likely buy this next week).

Sister: confetti scrub from Bath and Body Works in her favorite scent, Winter Candy Apple.

Brother: Funko Pop figure of Slash, one of his favorite musicians.

Best female friend: Bracelet with the letter A (her initial) on it, wooden magnet frame made here in Iowa with her son’s name on it, Aladdin on DVD (the live action version, still waiting on that to come in the mail).

Best male friend: Funko Pop figure of Will Byers from Stranger Things in his “Will the Wise” outfit, plush dolls of Darkwing Duck and Chip (from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, still need to order everything but might do so in a couple of days)

Friend A: Wooden magnet frame with her son’s name on it.

Friend Ar: Two pairs of earrings (one with the letter A and another that are “cat noodles”, I have a matching pair of the latter), purple crystal necklace.

Friend Au: Wooden magnet frame with her name on it, earrings that are the letter A.

Friend Av: earrings that are little stars that have rhinestones dangling from them. Super pretty and I have a matching pair.

Friend C: Earrings that are gold hoops with little rhinestone stars dangling from them, teal crystal necklace. I have a matching pair of the earrings and the third necklace in that set, mine is pink.

Friend E: Eat, Pray, Love on DVD, necklace with the letter E, necklace from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service that is gold and has a ring that says “and keep smiling” (mine is silver and says “just follow your heart”), a set of earrings inspired by Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Norte Dame (I have a matching set, will be picking those up tomorrow)

Friend J: Funko Pop figure of Helena from Orphan Black

Friend Je: Wooden magnet frame with her name on it, earrings with the letter J, a necklace of Marie from The Aristocats (I bought a different necklace of Marie for myself, will be picking those up tomorrow).

Friend Jo: Locket of Elsa from Frozen 2 (I kept the Anna one for myself).

Friend K: Necklace with the letter K on it.

Friend M: Funko Pop figures of Thanos and Rocket Raccoon that are holiday themed. Just ordered those today and those should hopefully get here soon.

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The boyfriend and I looked at Christmas lights yesterday. :santahappy::heartbounce:

I didn't get off work until after 6, and the park we went to took FOREVER so I didn't have time to do any shopping. :( Hope I can get everything done this weekend! :shiver:

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Going to malls drive me crazy. Ideally, I would go and pick up a few last minute things, but I don't want to deal with all the chaos so my plan is to stay away and just the gifts arrive in a week or so. o:) :lol:

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