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  1. 13 days. The season premiere of American Idol Season 19 is almost here.
  2. I'm so happy that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are finally engaged and getting married if that is actually true. They really do make a great couple.
  3. It doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t support him. Claudia Conway doesn’t support her mother’s actions.
  4. @Bk1234 I wouldn’t have wrote any of that if I knew you were going to report me for it.
  5. @m1key I thought I’m allowed to write whatever I want in here as long as it’s on topic and I kind of was being on topic.
  6. There’s no political discussion. I just said there’s the possibility that they are related and he supports President Donald Trump. I wouldn’t say more than that. It’s not like I brought this up out of nowhere. The guy’s last name is why I brought it up.
  7. @Bk1234 It’s not like I brought it up out of nowhere. The guy’s last name is Trump and there’s no confirmation that he’s not related either or that he supports him. What if I am right about both things? Then reporting me makes no sense. Life is full of surprises. You’re basically censoring me from saying something that could be true.
  8. @Bk1234I’m sorry okay? I promise I’m done talking about this. I just couldn’t help it.
  9. Why? It’s my opinion. Please don’t report me. I said let’s end it. Why am I not allowed to think that someone with the last name Trump is related to a certain President or supports him?
  10. On a completely different topic, I am happy that we have the full list of the contestants who are auditioning in the first of American Idol Season 19. I’m glad we even have access to photos of the contestants at their American Idol auditions too.
  11. Let’s just end this conversation now and assume that until Keith Trump comments on the two matters that he is 1. Related/connected to President Donald Trump in some way. 2. Also supports President Donald Trump and his actions.
  12. I just don’t really see Kelly Clarkson as the type of person who has “a little bit of ice” and an “idgaf” attitude in her veins.
  13. Yes obviously Kris Allen. But to be fair, just about anyone would be a better mentor than Bobby Bones.
  14. Yeah I don't think Season 20 would be the last season of American Idol either. I'm thinking either Season 23 or Season 24 would be the last season for American Idol.
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