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  1. sameeee haha ik many of y’all aren’t looking forward to this KO but i’m rly excited too
  2. the comments under the instagram post are pure entertainment ngl
  3. “i stole andrew because he won the battle” “this was not raine’s best performance” dkdjjsksks
  4. they set anilee up tbh. she apparently replaced benson who withdrew after he made the top 24 so they didn’t air any of anilee’s performances after her audition. definitely screwed her over due to lack of promo
  5. the only justification i can think of with nick picking raine even tho she flopped was that maybe he saw potential in raine but nick knew that she had no chance of getting stolen? which is why he let andrew go bc he had a chance of being stolen by blake. in all, raine flopped in the knockouts too so obviously the plan didn’t go too well. it’s that, or the winner was pre determined with a heavy bias which doesn’t seem fair at all bc there would be no point in the battles. (i mean the whole point is that you’re supposed to choose who did the best with the song, right?) i do think the song choice
  6. ooooh i really want someone to sing give me love, i feel like certain people would do really well with that song and kinda make it their own in a way
  7. that would be ideal too. really for corey, song choice is gonna be a big factor for him and how far he gets in the competition (obviously song choice matters for everyone too) but i feel like corey’s biggest strength is song connection and emotion and choosing the right songs to convey that and connect with the audience will definitely get him very far
  8. regardless of the meaning behind the song, i can kinda imagine corey singing piece by piece, i mean he could pull it off if executed correctly...
  9. yeah i’m also not too fond about arthur coming back tbh. he already got 2nd place and it just doesn’t seem fair. i’m just excited to see how they all perform on stage and what difference it’ll make compared to last year!!
  10. i’m not sure if anyone has said this yet but i’ve seen so many people upset about the twist, but i honestly think it’s there because the season 18 contestants didn’t get to perform on the idol stage at all, or at least the live idol stage. i’m actually kinda excited because i actually get to see them perform on the big stage instead of the little setup in their homes. i think this definitely has a big part in why they implemented this twist. bc who knows, the outcome of s18 might’ve been different if the virus didn’t hit and send them to perform at home.
  11. not fake or an april fools joke lol, katy and bobby talk about it a bit at the 1:33 mark of this instagram post https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMrpqjrnCcD/?igshid=d5z1q82op4xe
  12. cammwess too, went from john, to kelly, and back to john
  13. wait does anyone know who the replacement is? have y’all discussed kelly not being there for some rounds already lol bc i only come to idf from time to time so i probably miss a lot haha
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