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  1. Ya know it most memorable moment on my pretty boring life so far glad you loved Pia's outfit that time, I, meanwhile, was so stressed about it jk
  2. So, your top 5 are Gihanna Zoë Carolina Rial Rachel Mac Anna Grace Felten Cam Anthony interesting did not expect to see both Carolina and Gih on your top 5 LOL
  3. looks like Andrew's working with Keegan too for new music. CANNOT wait for this one something new to listen too, literally cannot stop playing his other songs on Spotify lol- even became one of my top artists on Spotify for 2 months now
  4. Gih's post office box's open!! If y'all ever want to send something- above's her address AND WAIT SHE'S IN CALI? LOL all these times- now that california buddy she used when she greetes Cam on the story makes sense
  5. Jake, I honestly barely remember Red because I was too focused on my girls Brooke and Addison that time lol
  6. I suddenly voted someone, idk who but for me I prefer Chris more
  7. kidding aside, voted for Jake. I didn't mind him and loved his battle and some of his live show performances. his age on show still baffles me though
  8. This was harder than all of my math tests I have so much love for all of these artists
  9. Love this thread, thank you for making this. I cannot think pairings atm, but will comment here when I do
  10. Janice Freeman - I Was Here the cover of hers on youtube of this song was so good, iirc it was way before she joined the voice. I was waiting for her to sing this song, unfortunately she did not have the chance + Beyonce was apparently hard to clear
  11. - Pia Renee - Pia Toscano + Keisha Renee - Ryleigh Modig - iirc she's friends with Carter (Carter fully supported her and Corey too this season), Carter won but Ryleigh only reached the Top 17 IS. Dana was friends with Desz too but idk if they were friends even before the show like Rye and Carter - Corey Ward - went against Ryleigh, his Knockout partner, in the Top 17 IS - Rachel Mac/Anna Grace - ?? - Lindsay Joan - @AliXRose's comment makes sense + Lindsay has a song with a theme of space, alien something (Human Now , which is one of my faves rn!) the 3rd clue's only either Rye or Corey since they're the only ones who fit with the clue. Sure about Pia and Lindsay and either Corey/Ryleigh.
  12. YEAAAH that's what I'm talking about on the other thread. Loved both of these performances. Lucky Christina who had the only steal left that time lol. Personally preferred Lexi over Joshua here only by a thread. Still re-watching these performances up until now
  13. Couldn't have said it any better glad someone said this.
  14. Interesting how your/Bk/and my bottom 5 for the rankings differ LOL but Bk and I might've more similarities than yours ngl, I was so worried Andrew would appear at your bottom 5 LMAO but I'm pretty shocked at how Halley was placed this low, but I do get why anddd as usual nice write ups. I've enjoyed reading them
  15. Interesting rankings. Glad these people made it to your top 15, at the very least (because in my rankings, some of them may or may not have reached this high ) I LOVE the clues lol so smart. and the write ups as usual were really good so the top 10 for you are: Corey Ward Gihanna Zoë Carolina Rial Pia Renee Ryleigh Modig Dana Monique Lindsay Joan Rachel Mac Anna Grace Cam Anthony pretty interesting, we have a couple of differences . I feel like we'll get either of the youngest girls next set, my bet goes to Gih/Carolina then Lindsay, then Dana, Pia, and Corey/Anna?
  16. same. hoping the best for them!
  17. lots of singing talents, as usual looking forward to these. and thank you for the weekly lists!
  18. many were touched by her story + stunning voice, and I'm one of them I just hope that she's not the type of contestant that'll only get a hype during their auditions and will get lost in the crowd during the later rounds
  19. why was that so effortless- my vocal chords could never LOL
  20. Lemme guess the next poll's titled "Who do you prefer Zae or Gihanna, or Anna or Gihanna? or anyone or Gihanna" LMAO
  21. Added! that's actually a really good suggestion LMAO THANKS
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