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  1. Yeah, but something tells me I'm reading this the wrong way. I'll think about it more tomorrow since my mind's a little buggy right now. Gotta sleep I guess
  2. Ooh, Gih?? Idk but when I saw Mamma, I immediately thought about Tia (Gih's mom) LOL. She's like the most socially active mom among the moms of the young girls this season Cam be taking the number 1 spot as I've predicted??
  3. I swear, if Payton advances once more- I'll riot jk she made it far than she should've already Madeline, Desz, and Sid for Kelly's top 3
  4. Brooke's up next week! She's included in the Episode 4 acts Looking like a queen cannot wait!! and it's her boyfriend playing for her aaahhh here are the other episode 4 acts: https://www.mjsbigblog.com/americas-got-talent-2021-auditions-4-spoilers-meet-the-acts-photos.htm
  5. Good battle results! Except that I probably would've picked Abby over Delaney on that battle (she won fair and square during the real battle imo) sad about Audri B's elimination- was kind of hoping she'd somehow survive but still happy that MaKenzie made it through
  6. jk, my least favorite performance from Brooke was her knockout, so count her out
  7. this and Ali's No Ordinary Love were my faves as well this is like the hardest question lol these are all so good, but I had to pick Rose's BWR because the feels + vocals + execution were all on point. but I love all of these performances it'll be interesting to see who wins the poll this time
  8. Iconic seasons, and those performances = particularly loved Danielle and Amber's duet Season 4 reminded me of Sarah & Judith robberies though losing them in ONE NIGHT was such a heartbreaker for me lol
  9. He caught my attention during his knockouts (one of my favorite knockouts and probably my favorite cover of that song on the show), but I knew he had minimal chances because of how strong team jhud was that time
  10. This. If only the whole team JHUD team could advance on that night lol
  11. John - Maelyn - easiest question ever LOL Nick - Rachel - might be unpop but I really loved Rachel's run on the show and did not cared much about Thunderstorm's (love his audition though)
  12. Happy for Carolina's placement. I thought you'd rank her lower, but glad you ranked her this high (I don't have the same placement for her as you, but I understand the reasons). Also, love the clue again, that Gih thing did not cross my mind lmao
  13. Gwen - Rose - one of the best contestants ever imo. still listening to her song, God's Country (jk) Pharrell - Koryn (but if among the choices, Hannah) - I loved her on show performances + off-show music career Alicia - Chris - deserving winner for me (but I did not loved Rhythm Nation as much as others here (unpop), his other performances were money though )
  14. I'm not a fan of him anymore but Ryan actually killed this performance (except he should've sustained the last note longer lol)
  15. Idk how this performance was received back then, but I feel like this hasn't been talked about or anything. I've stumbled upon this performance of Blaine Mitchell of Season 9 for the knockouts just yesterday- and oh boy, I can't stop listening to this performance. I love the power he had for his upper register lol I know Noah killed this song too (his crazy low notes were insane there lmao) but I preferred this version bit more??
  16. it was my pleasure!! thank y'all for the support- those comments and likes (yes I recognize the idf users lol ) literally means a lot to me
  17. and yes I've included artworks that still weren't posted on my Instagram account LOL so to my followers out there, just pretend you did not saw it beforehand the cam-gih-dana-pia-vic artwork will be posted tomorrow, while the others will be posted in the next few hours or so
  18. Hey y'all just wanna post here my final artworks for Gih- they're all group photos btw. hope you liked it!
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