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  1. AH YES- maybe Bk's referring to Carolina's run on the show, that it was okay that she got eliminated, in that way she had a strong but short run (for him) as a whole?
  2. The intro's creepy as hell LMAO BUT WHAAAAT?! this is so cool
  3. For some weird reason- I've thought of Cam on this one. I felt like some loved his simplistic but excellent performances (ISHTSGTY, Lay Me Down, etc.) more than his knockout, on which he did it all (Feeling Good). Idk though I can't see him being this low, who knows? or maybe Anna? Since out of the top 5 she had the most not-big-vocal of a performance (but still very gorgeous, mind you )?
  4. Oh.. this is a Drake song? LMAO I've been wronged all these times
  5. AND HE DID IT YAS. Looking forward to this one! Absolutely loved Season 15 LOVE the format
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQFHNsapvCz/?utm_medium=copy_link I swear- there's something about Gean's voice that I can't get enough of. Literally love this dude's tone (love him too!)
  7. First jarmon.. now you. I'M SO PROUD LOVE all these results, yas at the Taryn steal though- as she should! AND Liam finally advancing! I will absolutely watch this one
  8. LOVED THE FIRST MOVIE. pure perfection- love these types of movies lol cannot wait for this one anddd the cast is looking stellar, again
  9. I didn't know this thread existed before, glad I found it on a netflix movie/series binge watch right now, I will make sure to watch those above
  10. I actually think Cam will take the top spot I feel like Bk was a massive fan of him (based on Bk's instagram stories LMAO) Cam Gihanna Rachel Carolina Anna Grace Carolina & Anna are interchangeable, but I'm leaning towards more Anna Grace to be the 5th one, as Bk I think became more of a fan of Carolina than Anna that being said, I wouldn't mind if my fan thread artist takes the crown though jk
  11. Yeah it's weird considering many of them were not fond of IDF I can relate with that one, felt the same about 2 certain artists who are on my top 10 this season LOL
  12. I actually picked Kim on this one- she was kind of decent for me and I even liked her pre-live performances Ashland was decent too but too bland imo (Moriah should've advanced over her- yes I'm still not over that robbery)
  13. Amazing write-ups as usual, the clues screwed me over this time lol. Pretty fair placements imo, I would've ranked someone though on my top 5 I'm actually surprised you ranked Dana this high, considering your tastes or something, but glad you did. Cannot wait for your next write-up, and yay for the top 5 of yours! all are my faves LOL
  14. Ya know it most memorable moment on my pretty boring life so far glad you loved Pia's outfit that time, I, meanwhile, was so stressed about it jk
  15. So, your top 5 are Gihanna ZoΓ« Carolina Rial Rachel Mac Anna Grace Felten Cam Anthony interesting did not expect to see both Carolina and Gih on your top 5 LOL
  16. looks like Andrew's working with Keegan too for new music. CANNOT wait for this one something new to listen too, literally cannot stop playing his other songs on Spotify lol- even became one of my top artists on Spotify for 2 months now
  17. Gih's post office box's open!! If y'all ever want to send something- above's her address AND WAIT SHE'S IN CALI? LOL all these times- now that california buddy she used when she greetes Cam on the story makes sense
  18. Jake, I honestly barely remember Red because I was too focused on my girls Brooke and Addison that time lol
  19. I suddenly voted someone, idk who but for me I prefer Chris more
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