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  1. Halley's all I think about this one how does Andrew fit here btw? (still processing LMAO) little birdie = Andrew?? or Andrew does have a little bird?? p.s. like a pet bird or something
  2. agreed. he actually had one of my fave performances that night he showed his power and range there
  3. Gih owning the votes, as she should!! I wasn't able to see the results before the crash happened so I was worried I will not have the chance to see it LOL
  4. Glad you did this! I wasn't able to continue the write-ups for my own ranking (I have already ranked them though with clue packages but the explanations and such are still not there) because I was so busy finishing my artworks for this season LMAO. I'll do mine after yours! I'll just have to watch this first. LOVED your rankings last season 19
  5. LOVE the top 4 and the write up! Pretty much my top 4 too. Andd the top 2- we've got the same placements LOL. Iconic top 2, if you were to ask me
  6. one of the most consistent artists on the history of the show
  7. lmao that Guy drama was still unfair up to these days, not to the coaches, but to the artists. the disastrous 3-way battle between Wolf, Natalie, and Xy though (Natalie and Xy were robbed idc idc) AND THEIR SONG CHOICE- LMAO A JOKE. I actually loved Matt and Janie their battle was probably my favorite last season. Loved Janie's tone and Matt's range andd they really blended well during the lives for me (particularly loved their Dreams performance, love the arrangement) Out of all the people, Kelly really chose to bring back them when she could've brought back someone like Xy or something
  8. LOVE it. Keegan's voice's always pleasant and beautiful to listen to
  9. YAAAY the steal buddies Keegan seems to be in works with Connor too and I really LOVE Connor's voice, so I'm so excited for the new song to be released
  10. Love how he smoothly transitions to his falsetto though, so pleasing to hear lol. Just loved Max in general
  11. YAS YAS YAS. love this performance! and love the song
  12. Pretty sure it's Samantha Howell, not Hall
  13. Still shocked how Candace got eliminated after this heck of a performance- definitely- jk. Joe's still my fave jonas brother
  14. SLAY WITH THE SONG CHOICES also with the other contestant's songs!! all good set of songs omg. great finale night @jarmon!!
  15. oh, missed your arrival here on the forums. BUT I agree with the others here, defying gravity would be great. so that you can remind us what we missed for your finale performance jk hearing how you killed Reflection, I have zero doubts you can totally do the same with Defying CANNOT wait for your I Was Here cover though too! but for noww, one step at a time!!
  16. her song choices during her run on the show though (loved her pre-lives, playoffs, and semi-final song choices though, even if Whitney's version of IWALY would've suited her more)
  17. well... she's a queen
  18. Kelly's leading right now while during Season 17 there's an IDF thread for her being the worst coach LMAO (to be fair, some users there are now inactive )
  19. After Lain and Kelsie's placement from Bk's last ranking thread? I'm not surprised at all
  20. My heart skipped a beat- jk Okay I knew this would come. At least he made your top 20.. right? (I'm still not sure where to place him though LMAO)
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