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  1. and yes, I've been listening to it non-stop, I've memorized every run that Gih did on the song (jk, tiny bit of exaggeration ) her, Rachel, and Jordan had the studios that I kept on listening to
  2. The more I listen to Gih's Always Remember Us This Way on Spotify, the more I get the Beyoncé comparison LMAO the run in the word play in the part of "and the band won't play" was what resembles Beyoncé's technique the most imo
  3. I have listened to all of their original music! (I have a Spotify playlist just for all of their music and it's what I've been listening on while making the final artworks for this season !!) I LOVED Savanna's Marlboro Man and Prairie Fire and Savanna's songs were among my faves
  4. I've been listening recently to the original music of the voice s20 cast on spotify (since last week lol) AND I gotta say, both Keegan and Bradley's songs were among my faves. I couldn't get enough of Keegan's tone LOL Wish You Had It's a bop
  5. jk. I'm not sure about the last statement BUT I hope so!
  6. I'm honestly open to all type of artists, so I picked them all minus the instrumentalist type (I don't want yet another Laith Al Saadi ). As QueenCami stated above, playing instruments' just a plus for me butt if specifically, I really want to stan a female country singer (more so the powerhouse one). There had been good male country singers (Kenzie, Jake, etc. imo) on the past seasons, now it's time for a female counterpart
  7. not me remembering Gihanna and Halley's battle
  8. Kudos to the voters of Avery for bringing him this far (including me LMAO but I did not vote for him for the Semis ) and Anna's fans who saved her twice on the Instant Save
  9. yes I already feel like Anna and Avery were the bottom 2 LOL .. unless there are more surprises ahead?
  10. Rachel, Cam, Ryleigh on the Instant Save-
  11. oh yes this one! the controversial knockout
  12. oh yes! can't believe I forgot to add that one. totally loved Sharane's pre-live performances andd I'm in loved with Kelsea's tone both of their song choices were killer, Sharane as usual powered through and gave the emotions, while Kelsea made Rise Up her own (my fave rendition (on the show) of that *overdone* song tbh)
  13. Not sure if it is allowed but- Natasia vs. Zaxai vs. Kymberli's my fave among all I'd also add: - Matthew Schuler vs. Will Champlin (S5) - Lexi Davila vs. Joshua Davis (S8) (their knockouts deserve more attention tbh) - Jordan Smith vs. Viktor Kiraly (S9) - Kimberly Nichole vs. Koryn Hawthorne (S8) - Amanda Brown vs. Michelle Brooks-Simpson (S3) - Hello Sunday vs. Alex Guthrie (S17) - Megan Danielle vs. CammWess (S18) - Desz vs. Sid Kingsley (S19) - Gihanna Zoë vs. Anna Grace (S20)
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