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  1. I mean- she did start off with a Taylor Swift song, so that's a huge plus jk lmao
  2. queen - she was one of my pre-show faves too andd we have some same sentiments (I'll just elaborate it on my write up for her soon ) the clue was genius! probably my fave clue so far lol
  3. Danielle Cassadee Danielle the 2nd question was hard for me because they were all good (yas, even Todd lol). first was close with Chevel & Sundance then Danielle- but I loved Danielle from blinds to the finale so yeah ultimately picked Danielle as she was the one I enjoyed the most among all from the start (loved Cassadee only on the live rounds lol)
  4. If that ain't the truth- LMAO I just finished my S20 rankings (and one batch's write ups) and will post it after VV's so I guess our rankings will be posted at the same time , gladly we had different seasons. Cannot wait for yours!! (hoping a good ranking for Joanna ) AND TO GO BACK- I'm kind of nervous for Bk's 5th ranking
  5. Now that it is all over- I can now finally reveal that Corey DMed me that time (right after he posted his story) on Instagram out of nowhere, and told me to look at his story that time LMAO. I was first weirded out by it, I thought he had a wrong message sent or something. thanks to Bk I figured it out
  6. Love the results so far! Payton was the most surprising steal for me- but she smells like fodder so jk LMAO
  7. Julia and Taryn getting the steal that they deserved strong steals for team gwen tbh
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