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  1. 1. Casey — best of the girls. 2. Alyssa — my favorite now that Ava is gone. 3. Willie — best of the guys. 4. Cassandra — she did much better this week. 5. Grace — she’s safe for now. 6. Hunter — he’s also safe for now. 7. DeShawn — I like him but he’s in trouble. 8. Chayce — just don’t like his voice. 9. Caleb — weakest of the contestants.
  2. Here’s my rankings of the Top 12 after having watched them on YouTube a couple of times: 1. Casey — I love it when she sings songs like this one! 2. Willie — great as always. 3. Alyssa — her best performance since at least the Hollywood duets. 4. Cassandra — her best and most assured performance yet. 5. DeShawn — his best performance yet. 6. Ava — not her best performance but she should have moved on. 7. Grace — poor song choice but she sang it well and she wasn’t boring. 8. Hunter — poor guy. He was actually doing well until he forgot the lyrics near the end. It happens. 9. Caleb — this was actually my favorite performance of his, although that doesn’t really say much. 10. Chayce — bad song choice and a boring performance. 11. Beane — a very appropriate choice for what turned out to be his final performance. At least he had a good time. 12. Madison — Whitney was a bad song choice, especially when she was already on thin ice due to being a Wildcard.
  3. Louis was better than any point after his audition last year, but I think that Makayla and Olivia were better.
  4. Agreed. Vocally, Makayla is probably better. But Olivia has such great performance skills!
  5. I know it, and I didn’t really like it on him. Although at least it has a limited enough range to suit him.
  6. This was okay but at least Faith didn’t sing “Piece Of My Heart”, and at least she didn’t forget the lyrics. Not good enough though.
  7. Faith is doing Janis Joplin? I hope that she’s not singing “Piece Of My Heart.” It’s so difficult!
  8. Pretty good. Better than Cyniah or Nick but not as good as Aliana. And not good enough.
  9. This was the best performance so far. Not sure if it was good enough to make the Top 10 though.
  10. I prefer Cyniah to Nick. Anyway, he was okay but he wasn’t good enough to make the Top 10.
  11. I thought that Cyniah did pretty well, but I doubt that she’ll be the one that’s part of the Top 10.
  12. Actually, I think that Arthur’s the better singer, but I agree that his voice is like nails on a chalkboard, mainly on songs like “Country Roads”.
  13. I forgot about the low social media part. Hunter probably had a higher social media number than her. Of course, that’s probably because Ava wasn’t featured much in the audition phase, so she had a higher mountain to climb.
  14. Maybe vote splitting really did play a role! That, and performing in second. That might have made her forgettable. I wonder why it’s easier for guys to coast on a limited vocal range than girls.
  15. Nuts. I really wanted Ava to stay! I really thought that she’d make it through!
  16. Madison and Beane are clearly going home. The only question is who’s going to join them.
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