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  1. I think that Cassandra chose the wrong song. Alyssa was getting better but it was too late. And DeShawn was never a fan favorite. Yeah, and I don’t like it much.
  2. This was much better than last week. This was Grace’s type of song!
  3. This was better than last week. Of course, he didn’t forget the lyrics this time around.
  4. I’m not sure that Cassandra should have done this song. I don’t think that it really suits her. But she is more confident.
  5. I know the context of “Remember Me”, and I think that Arthur made almost the same mistake that Ernesto did in the movie by ignoring the meaning behind the lyrics. Agreed.
  6. Alyssa’s dress was lovely and I think that she did a really good job with the song, beginning slow and then really kicking into high gear.
  7. I love “Baby Mine”, but I don’t like the way Chayce sang it.
  8. That was just lovely. I love these type of songs for Casey more than the rock ones, but that’s more a matter of personal taste.
  9. The arrangement was entertaining but I don’t think that it was the best arrangement, especially for DeShawn.
  10. Willie sang this song very well. The problem is that this song has been done to death.
  11. I thought that it was predictable but it wasn’t horrible,
  12. That might be a bad song choice for Cassandra. I hope that Arthur remembers the context of “Remember Me” from Coco.
  13. Well, if the third person isn’t Alyssa, that’s fine with me. And if it’s Caleb, I’m really going to be happy. He’s been on borrowed time.
  14. I’ll be watching the show via streaming due to living on the West Coast, as usual. I hope that Alyssa does a great job with her performance.
  15. I prefer Alyssa but I think that it’s going to be Casey who wins. But I like her voice as well.
  16. I want to add my two cents on the eliminations of Alanis, Colin and Graham before moving to the Top 9. Colin and Graham were just living on borrowed time. Neither of them were able to show much vocal or performance skill, and the only reason why they stayed in as long as they did is because they had enough fan support to scrape by. But their luck ran out when they both did badly enough not to get enough votes to make the Top 10, and they weren’t good enough to be Wildcards. Graham did have his best performance when trying to get a Wildcard slot but it was too little, too late. And it didn’t help that they were in genres that were already well covered. That’s why they lost. Alanis had a different problem. She was good enough to at least get a Wildcard spot — if she chose songs that weren’t too big for her vocal prowess. And she chose songs that were too big for her. She had one final chance to save herself and had she chosen a song that would be at least mediocre she might have gotten past Madison, and had she chosen a song that was good if not great she would have gotten past Madison. But she blew the first rule and gave her worst performance. She should have made better choices but she didn’t and that’s why Alanis lost.
  17. I think that you mean five males to two females.
  18. I hope that they just want him to get far enough for some rivalries.
  19. I hope that they just want him to get far enough for some rivalries.
  20. Top 10 Questions 1. Which 7 singers will be voted by America to Top 7? If you think the second chance singer will move forward to Top 7 as well, you can write second chance singer (70 points) 1. Casey 2. Willie 3. Cassandra 4. Chayce 5. Grace 6. Hunter 7. Second Chance Singer 2. Which two singers do you think will NOT be in Top 7? (40 points) DeShawn Caleb 3. Which singer will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 7? (20 points) Willie 4. Which singer will be announced last by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 7? (20 points) Second Chance singer 5. What will be the ratio of male and female singers in the Top 7? (20 points) 4 males and three females Bonus Questions 7. Will Katy Perry wear a disney costume during the show? (20 pts) Yeah. 8. Will Lionel Richie wear a disney costume during the show? (20 pts) No 9. How many singers will use musical instruments (any instruments) during their Top 10 performance? (50 pts) 3
  21. Here’s my rankings of the returning contestants from last season: 1. Olivia — I thought that she’d put on a show and she sure did! 2. Makayla — vocally, she’s the best of the girls. 3. Louis — best of the guys. 4. Aliana — much improved from last season! Sadly, it’s not enough. 5. DeWayne — much better song choice! Sadly not good enough. 6. Faith — better than last season but not good enough to get in the Top 10. 7. Cyniah — fun way to begin the show but not good enough. 8. Nick — better than last season but nowhere near good enough. 9. Franklin — I preferred it when he was singing coffee house songs. 10. Arthur — his voice is even more irritating on this song.
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