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  1. I won my draft with my last pick, who I was essentially stuck with
  2. I can't believe that I have to rely on Iman to win my draft. I was sure it was going to be Suni
  3. I'm guessing that they'll have a double elimination on Tuesday, but I could be wrong. Disney Night is always my favorite, so I'm stoked they're doing 2 this season
  4. Hi I still check in once in a while. Sometimes I just don't log in. And I would love to participate in the next draft.
  5. Anna Grace is the leak https://tvline.com/2021/03/12/the-voice-blind-audition-leaked-billie-eilish-anna-grace/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Edit: Dang, beat to it
  6. Did they really only done 10 battles in 2 tapings? I was expecting 13/14 with 6 or 7 left for taping 3. Can someone dm me spoilers including songs please? I would really appreciate it.
  7. The show is premiering March 1st. Battle advisors are Darren Criss (Team Nick), Brandy (Team Legend), Luis Fonsi (Team Kelly), and Dan and Shay (Team Blake).
  8. I know this is random, but if Carter wins, he won't be the youngest winner the show has had. It would still be Brynn.
  9. If there's still spots in the draft I'll like to join
  10. It seems as though they're hoping to start production a little later than usual but still on time to have the pretaped rounds ready to go for the fall. I don't mind Gwen replacing Nick tbh.
  11. Thanks. I remember them doing it a bit earlier last time.
  12. Wait, isn't there supposed to be another EOE challenge for someone to return to the game?
  13. Based on all available info, we also know all KO pairings Team Kelly Anaya vs Mandi T Megan vs Cammwess Micah vs Tayler Team Nick Allegra vs Jacob Arei vs Roderick Tate vs Jon *last 2 are speculated, but I'm really confident they're right Team John Mandi C vs Thunderstorm Mike vs Darious Zan vs Joanna Team Blake Cam vs Todd T Toneisha vs Cedrice Joei vs Levi
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