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  1. Network ratings have been dropping each season for awhile anyway. That didn’t happen just because Nick left it’s just the nature of the world right now with streaming services. That season was actually lucky as the whole country was on lockdown and at home nothing else to do than watch. If you think the show would survive without Blake then good for you
  2. I have no problem with Nick I don’t hate anyone. I outgrew the jbros when I left high school lol . He was boring and I didn’t find him funny at all imo. They aren’t really friends though, being friendly isn’t the same thing. Kelly and Blake hang out outside of the voice etc like Blake/Gwen and Carson etc go around each other homes and go to Oklahoma. You’re obviously a Nick Stan anyway so nothing will change your mind, I just think any of the predictions that were discussed would have been better
  3. You mean Blake and Kelly carry the show without them it would be dead. Especially as their is no Blake/Adam banter at least Kelly can fill in a little bit, but it didn’t work with Nick because they don’t even know each other and aren’t actual friends.
  4. I said what I said. Nick is like watching paint dry imo. He didn’t even make much impact in drawing in the audience. I’d rather watch an Icon like Gwen over him. Shes more interesting
  5. I left the audience. Nick is so dull. I know about at least 6 other people that dropped too.
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