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  1. Exactly. Everyone’s opinions are valid, regardless of how popular or unpopular they are!
  2. That’s not true. My opinions are valid and because I am trying to state opinions in a way that’s not offensive to contestants or their fans, it is not rude/mean like you imply with your colorful language. I try to be respect of all opinions, but also my opinions aren’t popular with idf. It’s like some of idf has the same thought process of team minivan fans (bash those who don’t share your views), and unfortunately for me, neither group has the same opinion as I do.
  3. I like Todd well enough , but if he was on season 16 or earlier, and there were no drastic changes to the top 17, Toneisha could’ve been an amazing winner.
  4. Returning: BRING BACK ALICIA AND JHUD PLS. I’m good with Legend statin, idc if idf hates his guts for no reason. New: AVA MAX, MABEL, DUA LIPA, Ella Mai, Ed Sheeran, at least one of the first three pls!
  5. Not really, but I got something that will get people to stop bullying me here and in another thread.
  6. Look at the wiki. And please stop calling my opinions trolling. But also, I have an idea of how to stop people from actually trolling/harassing me.
  7. If I read it wrong than my gender preference is female singers, and age preference doesn’t matter by preferably I’d say around colleges aged through early/mid 30s
  8. Mine My age:24 my gender: male, My genre preference for contestants: I prefer pop, indie singers(female indie singers), Jazz/crooner(like Lowell, Riley, Amy Vachal), Christian&Gospel and other genres (reggae, Latin, etc.), by am not opposed to any genre.
  9. Since S7 (not including Gyth, Billy, or Meghan cause I need to watch/refresh my memory). Also this is an OPINION. Emily Ann Roberts- I didn’t like her audition one bit (at least not during my first watch of it), however she showed tremendous improvement most weeks, and I actually love “In The Garden” 2/3/4. Ricky Duran-Pretty epic rocker 2/3/4. Addison Agen-Great voice and amazing singer. 2/3/4. Adam Wakefield-Another great voice and amazing singer. 5/6. Toneisha Harris-Amazing consistent run and I could feel some of her em
  10. 1. Chris wasn’t the only one who got a Christian song. So did Aliyah and Lauren also. Look at the wiki. 2. Christian songs don’t always work out 3. Consistently singing country is more of an advantage than singing 1 Christian song 4. According to the past seasons, finale pimp spots don’t always work out in the end for a an, so essentially, without showstopper performances, the finale pimp spot is meaningless.
  11. Not bait. Chris is awesome. Idf just hates Chris. Also funny when you call opinions you disagree with bait in order to discredit them.
  12. Memes don’t invalidate a post as false.
  13. Reggae Death Metal contestants , Indie-Jazz Country country contestants, R&B-Buegrass contestants, and Latin-Screamo contestants.
  14. Tbh, Lauren was pimped a lot more, Chris wasn’t really. But with Alicia’s awesome coaching, and his amazing talent, he was able to overcome the Lauren pimpage and rightfully win.
  15. You’re just not reading my post correctly...I’m not ignoring anyone. Let me break this down. It shows me you’re ignoring my “season stacked toward a a female win” quote condition for you to think I am somehow ignoring Candice. It required a channel change for any female to win WITHOUT a season produced/manipulated/whatever it is you wanna call season 12, for a female to win fairly. Candice deserves her win no doubt, BUT had she been in a season before the off season and where there wasn’t a big discrepancy between the talent of the males and females, she would’ve had a harder t
  16. I don’t know much about Pentecostal churches, but let’s not spread rumors about that denomination. Many have been spreading rumors about my denomination of Christian faith (Catholic), other Christian denominations of faith, and other religions in general. Let’s not paint a broad brush on Pentecostals and such either.
  17. Best: jhud (maybe Alicia ), and honestly Blake (at times)
  18. Both can sing otherwise they wouldn’t have made to 40/48
  19. I mean Zach Seabaugh auditioned twice
  20. No I’m not. The number of males and females in each season are completely irrelevant to what I’m saying! 1. By female stacked I mean a big discrepancy between the male talent and the female talent. S12’s was heavily stacked towards the women (Though I enjoyed some of the men too.) S13’s was relatively 50-50 2. I’m implying Maddie’s season was NOT female stacked. I’m saying the show needed an off season and a change of channel for them to have the first female winner (Maddie, deservedly definitely) in a season that’s not heavily stacked in favor of a female win since s7. S
  21. Too short of a season. But maybe I’ll do that this week, along with my tradition of a shipping poll!
  22. I’m 24...I’m a young voter. This season one of the seasons I didn’t really vote because I enjoyed everyone a little bit. I’m likely going to vote next season, especially if there’s a Will Breman/Kat Hammock/Madi Davis/ or a reggae or a crooner/female throwback artist that actually makes the lives for once.
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