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  1. Highlight Of The Night 1. Allegra Miles-This is great. I enjoyed this from her, Yes it went slightly off the rails at the end, but since it reminded me of Will a little, Ill forgive that. 2.Megan-She did great, but i feel like Kelly was trying to pimp Meagan, but accidentally bussed her, considering she loves RF, but does not know this song is a kiss of death Decent, bonus points for covering Camila even if the song doesn't fit 3. Zan Fiskum-If i was a Voicespiracy theorist, id call this a bus. Her version was nice enoug, but some parts of it , i cou
  2. Correct The point is what four artists share in common but yeah, you’re right. It would’ve been better if I did something less multi step.
  3. YOU DON'T SAY . hmm.. and yes, you got the relations part right. each contestant in these four has at least one big idf stan. Barrett-Mj Madi-been hinted at but nobody's outright said it\ Aaron- Moriah- i think @Someone648 would at least be able to know who's Aaron Gibson's is if he sees the instrument he plays at least 50% of thier username away
  4. true, what is it that mj is to Barret though? think of these hints for the other 3 1. dessert 2. You seriously don't know. 3. What INSTRUMENT did Aaron use, that'll give you a hit for the name of the final user
  5. I wouldn't say Todd is unoriginal. I think Todd is a good storyteller through song and d has a distinct voice. However i think Thunderstorm is a better storyteller through song than Todd. I'd like to say Thunderstorm would definitely win if it was between him and Todd, but Todd is on Team Blake, and he might win, especially if he pulls out a famous country song...
  6. In redoes/voting redoes, i vote based on how much i'd like a contestant singing a particular song choice, as that's the fairest thing to do. Some great contestants might not have enough good covers, or any at all, so that's why tc is using other songs too, which i think is good. Most of my redoes (granted they're non-voting ones), I use some real performances and some songs i think they'd sound good on.
  7. Thank you for your feedback. And for helping me with more in depth reasons of why my choice's would be good coaches.
  8. Hint: It's about 4 different IDF users and their connection to the artists
  9. I’m not sure I’d say that, but he’s not the best of the top 9 either. He falls somewhere in the middle
  10. Hmm, here’s my PERSONAL opinions (also keep in mind my voice knowledge is limited to s7-18 and a few contests in other seasons) Team Jeffery and Will Breman “Team Braustin”: They could fill various genres, but their team would likely consist of a rock/soul/indie genres. Also their personalities would make for great tv. Team Alisan Porter “Team Bayou”: She could be the country/country like coach of the panel. She would likely have a stacked team and a lot of steals. Team Kimberly Nichole Team “City Limits”: She sings perfect andif her performances are a
  11. Hint: it helps if your familiar with users who were active on the board during those specific seasons.
  12. I was thinking now the winning coach of each contestant is from the same state as coach because Chloe and Craig are from Tennessee like Blake and Jake is from texas like Kelly. However, Brynn is from MA, so that doesn’t work. This is a hard one
  13. Part of me want's to say there all from Tennesee, but thats only true for 3 of them
  14. That doesn't make sense, considering if they have done it the straight PV way, there would be only 3 public votes as opposed to four. So in actuality, the chance of each contestant making the finale by PV increases.
  15. Cool. I am excited to see this. Here's a few friendly tips to help you get more people to read your redoes. I am trying to use these too, because, like you, I have trouble with grammar and scheduling as well. 1. Download grammarly on the device you use to write up the redoes. After you finish typing an "episode" and Grammarly corrects your info, use spell check on Microsoft word, just to be 100% sure. Be warned, it might correct names too, and unless it's just telling you to capitalize, just ignore that suggestion go to thew wikipedia page to make sure the spelling of the conte
  16. True. I was actually trying to figure out what contestants would be entertaining. I'm pretty sure @mjdolorico would eat up the coaching duo of Will Breman and Jeffery Austin (likely 2 of the only favs we have in common lol)
  17. Tbh, here's an upopular take from the rest of IDF: Honestly the finale format doesn't seem to bad, even if I think five contestants is a lot for a finale.Think about these perspectives 1. From the coach's perspective: Each coach is able to participate in the finale, and has a potential to challenge one of the 2-4 possible frontrunners 2. For the contestants perspective, for the five contestants who do not get the public vote, they will get one extra performance. The winner of. the IS will get at least 3 extra performances 3. For the stans/fans of contestants who don't get the p
  18. If it means, the Mandis and Jacobs have another performance:
  19. Spoiler: next season we have voice contestants as coaches . Sugar Joans, Jake Hoot, Darious Lyles, and a duo-coach tram consisting of Will Breman and Jeffery Austin.
  20. Glad at least one of the robbed Jacobs are doing well so far in this redo. I wish Mandi C. lasted longer and I am curious why Tayler is lasting so long here.
  21. She wasn't bad, but I think the actual coaches already had so many contestants who were in the same lane as she was.
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