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  1. Social media numbers don’t equate to voting outcomes.
  2. I don’t think they were trying to save him. It just happened he received the most votes.
  3. Correct. I was thinking glasses, but the lives works in addition. But yeah I was trying to think of something obvious!
  4. I’m kind of confused why only 100 v are counted and why the other 257 aren’t? Tptb manipulation? I’m also wondering how any one was able to get over 50 votes for these games?
  5. They didn’t? I mean, aren’t TStorm and Micah the singer songwriters of the top 9? A case could also be made for Todd and CammWess being singer songwriters too due to their storytelling stage persona, and their twist on Rainbow, respectively.
  6. True. I’m just throwing light shade at you mj’s number 1 favs being male, mercfan’s number 1-3 favs being female, and CFan’s apparent dislike for every male ever.
  7. Xfactor22’s Voice 17 Redo Top 21 #1: Swap Twist and Team Ava/Taylor and Team Ed Before the performances start, a twist is introduc ed. Int this twist, rather than the coach's deciding the fate of their contestants in twists, the contestants will decide their own fate. Each team has have at least one contestant swapped for someone on another team the rules are 1. Each team has to have a deciding swapper (meaning asking another contestant to swap with them) once and only once, meaning there can only be four swap exchanges total 2. The contestant the deciding s
  8. The Audition Comeback challenge. It isn't because the no-chair turns aren't good, tbh some are great, but It completely defeats the purpose of the blind auditions, and the winner of the comeback challenge doesn't last long in the show anyways.
  9. It seems to leave out suspense on shorter seasons, but it might have been a good idea on a longer season.
  10. Yep, except replace meagan with allegra. I liked her overjoyed performance but it was not popular on idf
  11. I doubt so. I think tbtp decided to just try to stick with the public votes from the POs as a way to draw in ratings, cause with this short season, people don't have a lot of time to change their opinions or see more of what the singers can do, so tptb likely figured, why try and change the public's opinions in such a short time? If TPTB's actual goal was to pimp the guys and bus the girls, TPTB would've been run by @Elliott, and @mjdolorico And say if someone asks this question in a future season when the girls dominate the finale, in order for TPTB's main goal to be bus the guys and pimp the
  12. Not preferring a certain artist is not equal to thinking whether someone will advance. It was obvious based on last nights performances, CammWess was advancing.
  13. Amazing how Micah was IDF's least fav in the top 20, and now IDF wants him to win. :lol:
  14. Btw: I'm just joking and messing with yall.. Kelly is a MUCH better technical singer (even though Swift DOES sing well), but I love TSwift lol
  15. Honestly, this is the first time when both shows are on that the contestants in each are relatively even. Enjoyable, and fun to watch.
  16. This. And honestly the stage set up was the opposite of pandery. The performance was so cheesy, that with the set up, anyone else not named Todd or Thunderstorm would’ve been in danger of going home. also note an ACTUAL pandering song doesn’t guarantee an advancement
  17. I'm confused, she did well on the song. I don't get how that is a "manipulation "...they're trying to win all of America's votes, not just IDF's. Also, nobody, not Allegra, not CammWess, etc. is/would've been guarenteed safe regardless of format.
  18. IDF thinks Allegra had the worst performance?????
  19. If thats correct here's as new one -Todd Tilghman -Korin Bukowxki -Mari Jordan Smith
  20. And now, I'm the one watching people obsess about their favs. lol
  21. A casual fan as defined by you don't dislike any artist, and you enjoy each of them a little, but you aren't super passionate about them too.You may have a fav or two, but you don't stan them. You may or may not vote, and if you vote, while performance taste may come into factor, you aren't concerned about who advances. THis is how I feel this season,. The top 9 are great, but I'm not super passionate about any of them. Has anyone else felt this way about any season?
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