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  1. I mean i care more about the contestants than the format. i wish the format was better, but i still think its a good season. also, unlike season 11, i think most of the top 10 are strong. For the drama, caleb got sent home, and i think it was the right decision, so i dont think thats a bad thing. no clue who bensen is. wyatt just dropped out for personal reasons. not exactly "drama." and need to know more about hannah drama. I don't think those comparisons are the best. The Phillip-chayce comparison is valid. IMO, Grace is much more fun and entertaining to listen to and w
  2. i mean if its the strongest final 4 since candace's season, then wouldnt it defintely also been the strongest final 4 sinceit was o. abc? also the maddie thing was if people thought maddie's season was strong. if you do 't think maddies season was strong you could think that the cvurrent season was the strongest still since abc. i think the reason i remember maddie's season to be strong is likely cause of maddie lol. also i wasnt exactly saying top 4 in particular but the season in general (which chan include the top 4)
  3. I mean, since Maddie Pope's win I have been more focused on The Voice instead of Idol on the seasons of the voice that idol had on at the same time. I mean I've seen some performances and remember watching Laine's season and he was a good winner and while I think I remember Just Sam being good and the talent bering good last season of Idol, I think this is the first season (at least since maddie's) on abc idol that i've focused more on idol than the voice. I mean the top 4 is very talented. I think Grace is in a league of her own (at least out of the top 4) as she has her voice, stage presenc
  4. Grace is my favorite of the five. The other four all have their positives and negatives. I like Caleb’s tone, but he can be karaoke at times. Chayce has a excellent voice but I feel like we’ve seen the same thing before. Casey has a great voice for her age , but I feel like her lack of experience is starting to show. Willie can slay any song, but he needs to change it up soon.
  5. Good results. Sad to see hunter go but the top 5 is pretty good. I don’t mid Caleb as much as idf does.
  6. Ehh. Looking at the wiki for this season it isnt really a negative either.
  7. I hope you’re wrong about grace. Casey is a good singer , just not my cup of tea, so I won’t be that upset if she leaves.
  8. He is a WGWG who went last. Vote anyways, but I don’t know how’d he be in danger
  9. Gonna just vote for grace. I decided to that even before her amazing performance.
  10. I mean there’s a slight chance boomers could have the same reaction @Solaris did about his hair and not vote because they think he looks like a “hippie”. However that is a long shot
  11. I have mixed feelings about Caleb. He sounds great tonight though.
  12. Yeah, but I am afraid that my voting for 1 of them will decrease the others chances, but I suppose you have a decent idea
  13. Chance is doing good. I think he’s similar to a deep-voiced rocker version of Phillip Phillips. Props to him for writing a song for his mom
  14. Conflicted on whether I should vote for Hunter, Grace, or Both.
  15. She’s good, but she’s not my favorite, but I don’t think she is in danger.
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