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  1. That never happened. Wyatt posted on his instagram it was due to personal reasons (could be his depression coming back since he and his sister suffer from that). I run one of his fanpages, and he keeps in touch with us.
  2. Would you like to be added? Also, Wyatt will release his new music video today for his latest song "Diana" =D
  3. He has charisma and is very likable, yes. It was great that she invited him. He has something special I saw on instagram that his fellow Idol friends were so happy for him and congratulated him.
  4. Just sharing that Beane appeared on the Ellen Show today and sang an acoustic version of his Top 16 song Searching For a Feeling Here's the video
  5. Hey all. In case you didn't know, Beane guested on the Ellen Show today and also sang an acoustic version of his Top 16 performance Searching For a Feeling Here's the video
  6. Cassandra Casey Hunter Chayce Willie Grace Deshawn Alyssa Caleb
  7. My rankings are based on whose music and career I will support long after the show so it will be based on the genres I listen to. 1) Wyatt Pike 2) Beane 3) Cassandra Coleman 4) Casey Bishop 5) Ava August 6) Hunter Metts 7) Chayce Beckham 8 ) Alanis Sophia 9) Anilee List 10) Mary Jo Young 11) Grace Kinstler 12) Willie Spence 13) Graham DeFranco 14) Andrea Valles 15) Madison Watkins 16) Deshawn Goncalves 17) Cecil Ray 18) Hannah Everhart
  8. It was predictable like all the ABC seasons, but his career is just beginning, and my support for him continues. I run a fanpage for him on instagram called @beanemusicfansunite and I'm just glad he feels supported. If you're a fan, come and join. I will continue with it because Beane is going to do so many incredible things, and this is just the beginning of something new. And I just enjoy supporting him. Let's keep following his work.
  9. 120 votes from me. Trying to vote some more. His performance was quite original to me. I hope he stays. No matter what the outcome, he is a star.
  10. Hi. Basically, Ryan announced at the start of the Top 12 reveal night that Wyatt dropped out. After a few days, Wyatt finally showed back up on social media saying he had to withdraw for personal reasons. He didn't elaborate but assured fans he is doing well and healthy. So I'm glad he is okay. Feel free to send him good wishes on his social media He still posts new music.
  11. Me too. Very stylish. He liked my comment and also other fans' comments under that instagram photo. I really hope he advances, at least until Disney Night.
  12. It'll be the Top 9, since three people will go home. We would have to vote before he performs. Hopefully, casual voters will be compelled to help vote for him.
  13. I think so too. He seems very excited about his song pick. Let's hope America will be compelled to vote for him. We have to vote non-stop even before he performs. It closes 15 minutes before the show ends.
  14. I would also like to be removed from the list. Thank you @jamescasaki
  15. I've seen X Factor UK contestants doing I've Had the Time of My Life really well, so we'll see how the arrangement will go. I am guessing that the ballad singers might cancel one another out in votes.
  16. I hope so too. Something that can showcase his vocals and also matches the beauty of his Save Me performance. We have to vote when the show starts since they will eliminate three right at the end. In this case, hopefully he will be one of the first few performers.
  17. A new Beane interview and what we can expect from his Sunday performance. Let's vote for him and give him a chance to stay. https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/lycoming-county/brennan-beane-hepler-lycoming-county-native-final-12-on-american-idol/523-8528340f-90ee-4783-bd87-5291888f3e99
  18. Hi all. Wyatt has addressed it on his instagram. Glad he is okay and well now You can send him some good wishes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqSOSbFHTZ/
  19. Also, there are people who didn't tune in to Idol until now. I am meeting new Idol friends on my instagram, and many didn't watch last season. They don't know who is who from Season 18. lol.
  20. Top 12 Questions 1. Which 9 singers will be voted by America to Top 9? (90 points) - Willie Spence - Grace Kinstler - Chayce Beckham - Hunter Metts - Beane - Ava August - Casey Bishop - Cassandra Coleman 2. Which singer do you think will NOT be in Top 9? (20 points) - Madison Watkins 3. How many wildcards will move forward to Top 9? 2 or 1 or 0? (20 points) - 1 4. Which female singer will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 9? (10 points) - Casey Bishop 5. Which male singer will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 9? (10 points) - Hunter Metts 6. What will be the ratio of male and female singers in the Top 9? (20 points) - 4 males, 5 females Bonus Questions 7. Will we heard any of these songs on Sunday Night (100 pts) 7.1 Shallow (A Star Is Born) No 7.2 Let It Go (Frozen) Yes 7.3 I Have Nothing (The Bodyguard) Yes 7.4 Falling Slowly (Once) Yes 7.5 Skyfall (Skyfall) No 8. Between all 12 songs chosen by the Top 12, how many songs won the Oscars for Best Original Song? (50 pts) - 4 songs
  21. Hi fellow Beane fans. Let's make sure to tell everyone you know to help vote for Beane this Sunday. Three people will get eliminated at the end of the show, so we can only vote during the performances. I suggest dedicating more votes for him if you really want him in the Top 9, because the 10th spot will go to one of the comeback contestants from last season. Overseas fans can vote by downloading VPN on your phone or computer. Some are free, and once it's installed, open the app and change the settings to the US. That way, the voting page on the American Idol website will be able to load. I notice he has a bigger international following based on the Youtube comments, so I think international fans can contribute a lot to the outcome.
  22. Glad to see that Beane is not at the bottom of the list here.
  23. Yeah we saw it with Ada, Michelle, Dennis and Jurnee and also Uche, Dimitrius, Alyssa and Makayla. Beane kept on saying in his instagram lives that he expected to go home every time (even during Top 24) though he was beyond grateful to be on the show. Still going to vote for him and hope for a miracle. He just needs to be fourth from the bottom, since three will go.
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