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  1. Mandy I will add a pic when I get into work. Mandy Montanez is a contestant from UK1. She’s not Lizzie or Tommy so she’s irrelevant. That’s harsh but UK1 sucked. At 31 she was the oldest competitor and a contemporary jazz dancer. She made it all the way to top 6 but couldn’t beat out eventual winner Charlie for a spot in the top 4. Her IG is private so I can’t see what she’s doing now but her prof pic looks like a wedding pic so congrats and good for her.
  2. I am a WOMAN OF MY WORD. If this makes Top 20 I WILL rank it #1
  3. Advancing: Jaslene - Four Personalities worst: jael political issue
  4. gonna start my own ANTM thread just to take the CROWN of queen of unpopular ANTM opinions from @Zoey who I feel has it right now.
  5. Yah if you like BORING shots. I just really like Cycle 11 so Cycles 9 and 10 for me are just fine.
  6. MELROSE OVERRATED I am ready for Cycle 9. TBH Cycle 9 is blah.
  7. OMG Diamond DeShields is gonna be on that basketball date and now ALL MY INTERESTS ARE ALIGNING the Venn Diagram is getting closer to being one circle of "lesbians, women's sports, and bachelor/ette" (aka all my interests)
  8. this is the SOLIDARITY I am looking for in this mini-rankdown
  9. i never hated Katie but I hated that she was the Bachelorette and she was way too meta. Michelle already bringing all the glamor that Katie never brought. And the way she handled the ~binder drama~ was good. And the way she talked to Joe!
  10. Melinda Sullivan Gonna stick onto my BULLSH*T and pass through a Top 20 eliminee because she is gay. Unfortunately that means Melinda is getting axed. Sorry Melinda. Somebody find me a picture of Melinda 15 years ago pressing her face against another woman so I can speculate. She did just have a child and that's exciting but also with a man so she's not a lesbian so therefore I can eliminate her. Anyway, Melinda was a tapper on Season 7 and up until Aaron Turner and then Gaby was like the most successful tapper. But that's because Nigel likes to see a very certain kind of INCREDIBLY BORING tap as opposed to the very cool tapping that Melinda does. But anyway, Melinda is very successful IRL even if her official website only has two quotes and both are from like 2012. Saving: Lisa Auguste Choreo: Ariana Debose
  11. Not my 9th, 17th, 16th, 5th, and 17th rankings winning I am UNSTOPPABLE
  12. Omg same. I loved her already and she did not let me down this episode. 1 episode in and I’m already enjoying this season so much more than Katie’s lol
  13. I am reading a recap and this sums up about how I feel about Iman: "he dances like he has both had sex and enjoyed it, which is very much missing from the majority of these awkward theater kid Grease dances." But yes. I'm also fine with Iman staying because Daniella has the best choreography of the women sans Jenna and Jojo.
  14. having three caridee photos in the top 5? A CHOICE
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