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  1. If I had Daniella's core strength I'd do the same thing!!!!!!!!
  2. Jojo having three of the only four routines with >1.0million views on Youtube. THIS IS THE GAY AGENDA!!!!!
  3. Things I have had a harder time lifting over my head than Iman lifting Daniella over his head: 1) My 9lb cat 2) a baby Also. If I didn't have nearly a decade invested in Jenna being my favorite. Daniella would be my favorite pro for sure.
  4. 1. Jojo & Jenna 2. Iman & Daniella 3. Suni & Sasha 4. Melora & Artem 5. Kenya & Brandon 6. Mel C & Gleb 7. Olivia & Val 8. Amanda & Alan 9. Jimmie & Emma 10. Cody & Cheryl 11. The Miz & Witney 12. Matt & Lindsay 13. Brian & Sharna
  5. I say this with all the awareness of somebody who is a fan of the twins: Melrose is overrated
  6. VOTE TO ELIMINATE Jack Geller - (4) Steven, Gigi, JC, Zoey Jill Green - (4) Derek, Sola, Diana, Megan
  7. He's a 6'5 basketball player who just lifted Daniella like she weighed 0lbs. He delivered his two children. I don't know how people aren't obsessed.
  8. TBH also probably the best hip-hop Dan Karaty has done. The only good hip-hop Dan Karaty has done?
  9. JP Dube I already know I’m going to have to find so many pictures so I’ll add another to the list here. JP is a hip-hop dancer who was on Season 4 of the Canadian version. He was initially paired with Denitsa in a WOEFULLY mismatched partnership (seriously IDEK what the show was thinking. He was a baby-faced 19 year old at the time and she was like a WOMAN). Thankfully that season the partnerships only lasted two weeks and they switched. He was then paired with Shelaina and Geisha before being cut at Top 14. He’s a cutie but aside from one person on IDF he had no real super fans so I assume this will be a fairly non-controversial cut. Save Talia Choreo Arassay
  10. Gonna be Kenya. Deuxmoi posted the blind last week. Lolololol. My faith in blind items is UNSHAKABLE
  11. DWTS is not equipped to talk about the burdens of being a child gymnast in USA gymnastics
  12. 1. Peter Pan essentially has to save Tinker Bell when she’s like a jealous bitch and teams up with Hook so not that weird agree with all the rest
  13. It is so stupid that they are doing these “inspired by” songs when there are enough Disney villain songs!
  14. this is so close to being my third signature quote. LOL
  15. LOLLLL so it looks like they were supposed to have an elimination last night
  16. can't wait for this to just reboot like the halloween franchise so that i can bring the entire fear street trilogy to top 31
  17. 0) Amanda - Model Stereotypes - (6) Amanda - Hair Wars - Alex, Diana, Victoria, Rei, Zoey, Richard (0) Anchal - Hair Wars - (0) Melrose - Hair Wars - (7) Amanda - Floating Runway - Derek, Diana, Gigi, Dee, Chris, Lily, Richard (10) Anchal - Floating Runway - Derek, Alex, Diana, Gonzalo, Victoria, Chris, Sola, Rei, Lily, Richard (7) Melrose - Floating Runway - Derek, Diana, Gigi, Chris, Zoey, Lily, Megan (1) AJ - Circus Freak - Zoey (6) Amanda & Michelle - Circus Freaks - Derek, Alex, Diana, Gigi, Victoria, Chris, Rei (0) CariDee - Circus Freak - (7) Melrose - Circus Freak - Derek, Dee, Victoria, Chris, Sola, Zoey, Megan (11) Amanda - Celebrity Couple - Derek, Alex, Diana, Gigi, Gonzalo, Dee, Chris, Rei, Lily, Richard, Megan (7) CariDee - Celebrity Couple - Gigi, Gonzalo, Dee, Victoria, Sola, Lily, Megan (6) Melrose - Celebrity Couple - Dee, Victoria, Sola, Zoey, Richard, Megan (0) Amanda - Black & White - (5) Brooke - Black & White - Alex, Gonzalo, Rei, Lily, Richard (0) CariDee - Black & White - (2) Eugena - Black & White - Gonzalo, Sola (6) CariDee - Bullfighter - Alex, Gigi, Gonzalo, Dee, Sola, Rei, Megan (1) CariDee & Amanda - Water Nymphs - Zoey
  18. @Alex95 I think I'm gonna sit out this one unless it ruins your numbering!
  19. It’s like finally everybody is coming over to my side: Gleb is not good
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