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  1. As a DOCTOR I will give it to Iman because I have delivered ZERO children
  2. Idk if Matt James is actually that awful at dancing or if I just dislike him so much I’m projecting.
  3. Yah. Gleb’s choreo was shit. And they didn’t execute it well.
  4. Wow I wonder how they will incorporate these Jazz dance moves into a jazz dance. Also sorry not sorry Gleb but yikes at that choreo.
  5. That’s gonna be the highest score of the night right? Would like. Amanda be the only other one who could hit a 9?
  6. ABC should have consulted me for all the most lesbian Disney songs
  7. Wow thank goodness Jenna and Jojo went first because now I can watch Squid Game
  8. new IDF not letting me embed videos in the center of posts is really messing with my formatting. may have to just ACCEPT it
  9. seems very reasonable to me. that shoot was BAD
  10. also can we please compare what jenna is wearing in these routines with a CHILD vs what ABC is putting her in for routines with an ADULT WOMAN HOMOPHOBIA
  11. chicago sky better win the finals because that's the only way i will be able to handle potentially 2 of Stef/Kah/Diamond leaving this team in the offseason
  12. Yah that's how I feel. Some child shows I like (Masterchef Jr for one). But I don't necessarily watch SYTYCD for the same reasons I watch Masterchef Jr. Like there are so many routines where I'm like "Yah, I want to see Comfort do a dancehall but not a 12-year-old." Which is why I ended up ranking routines higher and giving them preference if they were very much "this needs a kid." And that's one of the reasons why I felt Travis was so successful this season because he really nailed that aspect.
  13. LOL Artem just getting so many routines in his own style probably helps him.
  14. I'm gonna look at your list in a second but I can already tell that I WOULD NOT have Artem ranked so high.
  15. Dieter Vandeputte Dieter was very hot and very popular but not very good. How much of that is lackluster choreography and Nina's broken ribs? IDK. But he's a very fair cut to make right now. He was a contestant on the 7th and Final Benelux season where he eventually made Top 10 and was cut I believe at Top 8. For Top 20, Top 14, and Top 12 weeks he was paired with Nina. They were perfectly fine sometimes and incredibly bad other times. It did not endear them to us. But Dieter had a strong fanbase coming into the show and I think everybody was frustrated he wasn't in the bottom sooner. He was better when not paired with Nina but thankfully he only robbed like two guys from Top 10 spots. Saving: Sara Von Gillern Choreo: Kris Loix
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