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Dan and Shay’s Coaching Grade Scale…   

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A tier, you could see noticable improvement from so many artists on their team (Karen, Madison, Olivia, Anya, etc.). Built a great team & I agreed with most of their decisions (I almost dropped them to B tier for cutting Anya in the playoffs but I'll set my biases aside)

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I think Dan+Shay did a good job in their first season, and they seemed to enjoy the process. But has any other coach ever done more self-promotion of their music on The Voice? :giggle:

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A Tier! They were fantastic as coaches this season! I didn't have high hopes for them as they were boring as mentors. But wow they really impressed me this season. I would love to see them come back. 

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Very likable and rather logical, wasn't 100% onboard with every decision but there wasn't anything too egregious on their part (besides the handling of Ryan Argast but whatever...) Appreciate that they were diverse in the contestants they worked with.


Would love to have them back now that they've been in the chair once and know what to expect.

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