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The Challenge: All-Stars 4


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Ah I FINALLY found time to start watching this. I just finally watched the first episode. :dead: It was a fun premiere. Some thoughts:


- Flora is so hilarious. She seems so out of place here but she's gonna be such a fun watch. :haha:
- I still can't believe Jay got a second chance on this show after all these years, lmao. The fact I still remember him, with only doing one season, has me shook lol.
- Lol it's fun seeing the reunion of Rachel/Tina/Veronica.
- Loving seeing Mama Kam and Dad Leroy back on this together. ❤️
- The Kam/Ayanna scene was sweet and I'm kinda here for this Black Queens alliance.
- Lmaoo Adam already on "Adam 4.0." :lmao:
- Janelle! :wub: But oh no, don't tell me she's gonna align with Nicole, ughh.
- When it comes to Nicole vs. Laurel, I'm #TeamLaurel 100%. I'm definitely curious to see their dynamic and how things go for them on this show.
- Dangg Cara Maria dominated and slayed that first challenge! :omg: I love how she beat out all of the male competittors here. But jeez she's a force and I'm worried for my favorite girls here.
- Oooh lol I'm looking forward to Cara Maria's and Laurel's relationship in this game.
- Brad coming in 1st wasn't a shock and was expected. Adam coming in 2nd had me shook though. 😮 That was a nice fun surprise to see.
- I can't really remember who Brandon is but well done to him coming in 3rd for the men.
- Good on Averey coming in 2nd for the women and awww her excitement of being in a winner's group for the first time!
- OMGG Tony ringing in Veronica's flag. OMGG WHAT a mess he is already. :dead:
- Ooh good on Rachel getting the 3rd spot for the women. Dang, none of my super favorite women made it through there, so that's a bummer lol. :(
- Jay not in the Bottom 4. 😮  
- Ughh Nicole beat Laurel. 😢 Nicole not in the Bottom 4, ugh.
- Ugh sad to see Tina, Veronica, Jasmine and Leroy in the Bottom 4 groups. :( Ooh kinda sad for Flora too. 
- Oooh dangg men's elimination round. Gah just hoping Leroy can avoid this elimination and I'll be pretty fine with whatever happens. Though I also don't want to see Derek go out first here again either. Ugh that they were the two worst this challenge.
- Oooh the group chose Tyri & Steve, which yeah it was based on friendship/relationships and popularity - but of these 4 guys, this was the Bottom 2 I wanted for the elimination, so I am very good with this. So yay this worked in my favor! May the best man win!
- Whoa that plot twist regarding the stars. 😮
- Wow here I thought Tyrie was dominanting this elimination but then Steve's strategy of keeping all the balls together was a great one that worked in his favor to catch him up and actually win it. Shocked, but well done to Steve. 😮 Aww dang, while I'm okay with Tyrie going, I'm sad in the sense that Leroy loses a number on his alliance. Poor Tyrue having to go out first.
- No surprises that Steve took Brandon's star. That was obviously the smart play for him to do.
- OMGG that shouting fest from Laurel in that season preview clip! :dead: 

I'll try to watch the second episode tomorrow. 

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Some thoughts on the second episode:


- Ooof such awkward tension between Laurel & Nicole. :haha: This could be a long season, lol. 
- Ayanna was so hilarious after finishing the main challenge with her dancing. :dead:
- OMGG Cara Maria's group not knowing 872 + 8 or any of the basic math questions. :lmao:
- Leroy can do math, y'all! :giggle:
- Ooh wow, shook at Laurel & Nicole's team won the main challenge. 😮 But yeah they did slay it on that main challenge and breezed through that. Laurel & Nicole actually work really well challenge-wise lol. But yay for a Laurel win! LMAOOO their interview with the reporter and them both agreeing they avoided each other at all costs. :lmao:
- The Bottom 2 teams weren't surprising. Ugh there's just three women in danger this week. Ugh I like all of them so this is a bummer. :(
- Janelle is bold with wanting to go in the bottom group to get her star. But yeah she could get an easy win against Jasmine.
 - Ooooh Ayanna stirring up some major beef and drama with Janelle's gameplay. 😮 OMGG this mess that Ayanna caused and her celebrating of it. :dead:
- OMG Tina is so terrible at the political game talking with Averey. :dead:
- Oooh dear, I do think Ayanna is talking it a little too far with Janelle - when she was saying how Janelle cries, brings the mothers together and gaslights people. I do feel really bad for Janelle in all of this because Ayanna completely twisted her words.
- Oooh this vote isn't going the way I thought. I thought Tina had votes to keep her out of the elimination.
- OMGG what is Ayanna going on about in the nomination vote? :dead: She is so dramatic with her speeches. :dead:
- UHH WHAT is going on with this random Ayanna & Leroy argument that came out of nowhere? Ayanna is.... something else, omg.
- Danggg.... I hate that the Ayanna drama has gotten to Janelle like this that it's making her quit the game. 😢 :broken: Ugh that's so sad and ugh now I'm mad at this drama that Ayanna caused to make this happen. I feel bad for Janelle for all of this, but I get her reasoning for leaving. If it's not good or easy on the mental health, it's not worth it. I wish we could have seen her competition dominance as I know she still has it in her but now we won't get to see that. :( Hopefully she can come back on a future All Stars season but not too hopeful if she will after this.
- Ooh an elimination could still happen even with Janelle leaving? I would think that the elimination would be cancelled now but we'll see. Oh wow, Laurel and Nicole rejects doing this elimination... and now Tina can steal a star. Wow, how much did Tina luck up there? :dead: Aww at Tina stealing Averey's star. :( But it was a smart and understandable move on her end.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to The Challenge: All-Stars 4

Unfortunately I was accidentally spoiled on Syrus replacing Tony so I wasn't surprised to see that happen. It was still shocking to see how sudden it was. Hopefully everything was fine with his family though!


Lol poor Syrus. His last confessional was funny about how he was only there a day :dead:. But considering he was just an alt, he should be grateful for that one episode :giggle:. And I'm very glad Kefla won. Him falling over after the elimination win and then twerking was so :dead:. The guy vote was super lame though. How come it just randomly landed on Kefla & Syrus like that? I feel like they didn't explain it at all. Specifically, why the hell wasn't Brad in the conversation?! Glad he lost his star though.


Obviously all the drama was on the girls side, as they're clearly gonna carry the season, as we all expected pre-season. I didn't expect this Kam & Cara tension though 😮. I don't blame either of them for the moves they're making though. They're both clearly playing individual games and they're just not lining up with each other this time around.


I'm gonna miss Ayanna's drama, but girl is clearly a little bit off. For the sake of the house, I'm glad she's gone lmao. And I trust there's enough tension with Laurel, Cara, Kam, Jasmine, Tina, etc. that drama won't be dead. I wish her all the best with her cancer!

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I am happy Ayanna is out.  I am loving Rachel this season.  Good on invisAvery for getting her win, but that was her chance to get her star back.  Rachel moving Tina's star to Veronica instead of Cara shows a potential working relationship, we love that. I am interested in seeing Kam and Cara repair their relationship.



The guys side, who cares.  They aren't remotely interesting.  Oh, happy Tony is out, even though thats not the best circumstances to leave.  Syrus cameo was fun.  

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Just watched the latest episode. Some thoughts:


- LOL I'm crying at the show playing "Lucky" for Tina because yeah, she was really lucky to get the star in the way she did. :haha:
- The Kam/Leroy scene of seeing video of their son. 😢 That was so sweet and touching. ❤️
- Ooh whoa.... stuff going on with Tony's family and now he has to go? Wow this came out of nowhere as this felt like his redemption season. But family's first and he's got to take care of what family situation is going on. I just hope everything worked out and is okay there with his family situation. :(
- It's real sweet of Laurel to push their personal feelings aside and be there for her after Tony had to leave the show. ❤️
- Oooh wow, Syrus comes back to replace Tony. 😮 And wow he's 51! 😮
- LMAOOO the name of the main challenge being called "Domino, Mother******." :dead: I CAN'T.
- Oh danggg double elimination time!
- Well done to Averey and Adam on winning the main challenge.
- Ugh not Nicole & Jay safe again.
- Lmaoo Rachel & Brad are an unexpected hot mess together here. :giggle:
- Omg awww happy for Jasmine getting to be safe but blah at Steve  being safe.
- Ooh thank goodness Kam & Ryan barely made it through to be safe. Phew. Wish Leroy could have been safe but at least Kam is. Though lol she's really got to carry him in this game.
 - Danggg.... the trio of Rachel, Tina and Veronica all in the Bottom together? That is insanity. 😮
- Ugh Ayanna wanting to break up the Kam & Leroy alliance? Dangg I was hoping for her to work with Kam an be genuine about it but guess not. :( She makes it harder for me to root for her.
- I did feel for Ayanna with her story about her and her kids and wanting to buy them a home. :broken:
- OMGG Ayanna makes so much of an intense drama out of something that could have been handled calmly. But of course Ayanna got to make it 1000x extra. :dead:
- Dangg yikes @ Ayanna vs. Jasmine again. Insane.
- These battles of Kefla vs. Syrus and Ayanna vs. Rachel should be interesting. Both should be intense battles, especially the female battle.
- Wow Kefla dominated that first ball game. Syrus put up a good fight on the second time around but not enough. Yikes poor Syrus comes and goes just with this 1 episode. :haha: But Kefla should be proud of himself with how he did.
- Rachel vs. Ayanna was pretty intense. I don't usually root that hard for Rachel but I am glad she pulled out the win there. Ugh I usually like to root for Ayanna but she was just too much for me (and in a bad way) this season. I didn't like the drama she had and brought against my favorites (Janelle/Kam/Jasmine) so I'm fine with her going right now before she potentially gets worse.
- Ooooh Kefla stealing Brad's star! Exciting. 😮
- Oooh lol at Rachel transfering stars from Tina to Veronica... that was a reallly interesting move. Wow her alliance with Cara Maria is definitely showing here. :haha:

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All Stars 4 keeps delivering. What a fun episode that was from start to finish. It culminating in a Rachel vs Cara Maria showdown was bound to be epic. Unfortunately the challenge was something they were both terrible at so that took some of the fun out of it but I'm glad that Cara won. I saw her in later unseen clips so I was pretty sure she was going to win because of that so when she won it wasn't too shocking. The only thing shocking was just how bad Rachel was at it but I guess that's not something you really practice much. 😂

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Just watched the latest episode. Some thoughts:


- Ahh I'm not liking the idea of a potential Kam vs. Cara Maria, but I get it. Of course, I gotta always be #TeamKillerKam.
- Jasmine's commentary in the main challenge had me cracking up, but so did others comments too. :haha:
- Yayy the Pink team winning, aka Kam's and Laurel's team! :wub: :ohyeah:
- lmaoo Tina's shock reaction in being in the safe/middle group. :lmao:
- The Nicole/Laurel storyline is interesting. I don't really want them to be back together, but I do hope they can turn and be in a good place with each other as friends or something.
- LMAO Veronica's comments on Tina's political game. :dead: She said no lies. :haha: Yeah... Tina being the safe one of her trio to try to save Rachel and/or Veronica is NOT it. :lmao:
- Oooh wow at the talk of Cara Maria vs. Rachel. That's an insane big move so early in the game but I get it as it removes one of the strong females of the group.
- Ooh dear, Brandon wanting to throw Cara Maria in.... and then that awkward conversation between Cara and Brandon. That was supper awkward. :dead: Cara def knows Brandon is up to something not good.
- Aww I feel bad for Tina having to vote for Rachel. :(  I thought she would have thrown a vote in for Flora, even though it didn't matter
- OMGGG JASMINE is killingg me with her commentary, i.e. her comments after her argument with Cara Maria. :dead: Jasmine wanting to take a pacifier to stick it in Cara's mouth so that she could shut up and then she could take a nap. :dead:
- Wow Rachel vs. Cara Maria is gonna be INTENSE! :omg: This is gonna be the battle of the ages and definitely gonna be a strong fight! I don't even know who to root for in this battle as I want to see them both back for different reasons. Though I think I am rooting for Cara Maria to see what kind of drama she'll bring this episode.
- Aww wow, I do feel reallly bad for Cara Maria and her reaction to Brandon on voting for her. :( :broken:
- omg yikes @ Cara Maria's first throw. Jeeez her throws are dangerous and so scary. :lmao:
- But oh dangg.... WHYYY this elimination where both ladies are comp BEASTS and then they are given something to make them look terrible? :lmao:
- lol Cara hitting her own picture to give Rachel a point. A MESS. :dead:
- Ultimately, I had a feeling that Cara Maria would win it - as she did hit more of the targets. I'm kinda glad Cara won it as I know she's gonna bring LOTS of drama, especially with how Brandon and Jasmine voted against her.
- Aww I am kinda sad to see Rachel go. She's a challenge beast and icon, no doubt. It's nice seeing her come back after all of these years. It's sad to see her go this soon. But she went out with class and was great to watch with her alliance with Veronica & Tina. I am def curious to see how they go on this game without Rachel. I do feel like things will be reallly tough on Veronica & Tina without their comp beast shield, but I hope to be proven wrong.
- LOL Cara Maria is so dramatic speech with how she was going to give out her star. :dead: And oh wow, definitely did not see Cara giving her star to Jasmine. But with her whole speech, I had a feeling she would go Jasmine's way.

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Jasmine mothered hard this episode :wub: :wub: :wub:. Loved seeing her take control of the game, especially loved seeing her put Cara in her place in the confessionals lmao. Rachel vs. Cara was intense...until it turned out to the the lamest elimination ever :dead:. I was disappointed to see Rachel lose, but she's my least favorite Mean Girl and hopefully the target on their back diminishes now that she's gone. I definitely saw Cara in a lot more footage this season so I figured she was winning.

I was glad to see her back after such a long break, but then she reminded me why I was growing so tired of her in her WOTW era. She really is just such a personal player and it's exhausting to watch. It's an individual season, so I can't blame Brandon for making a move to knock out a potential winner. And I can't blame Cara for being upset about it. But then she whines about how it's not game and it's personal and just come on. Cara always gets so entrenched in these games that she loses reality. Also she hasn't talked to the guy in 8 years lol.


Kam vs. Cara is an interesting storyline. I said it before, but I'm still surprised this is the direction we're going, especially since they were so tight on WOTW2. I appreciate Kam's mindset this season of go big or go home. Either win the show or get booted early and go home to your kid it's a win win. I do think she's being a bit OTT, but that's who Kam just always is, take it or leave it. This obviously doesn't all stem from Cara not voting Ayanna. I don't blame Kam for feeling some type of way about that, but that's not a relationship-ending move. Kam's clearly just looking for a reason to eliminated strong competitors and more power to her. Looking forward to seeing their interactions next episode.


Whenever Laurel talks about Nicole I full body cringe. She just completely regresses to the Laurel we remember from back in the day. Laurel is forever one of my favorite psychological headcases on this show. I feel like we see so much growth from her, then something triggers her and she just completely loses her mind and turns into her old self. And I'm just waiting for the other shoe to inevitably drop here.


As always, the girls dominated. Such a cast of superstar women. Meanwhile I couldn't tell you a single thing any of these men did outside of Brandon oop.

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I am here for Cara Maria's revenge.  One Brandon down, One Jasmine to go! Jasmine is useless.  Shes usually a fun rat, but she never be a challenge Champion.  Time for retirement!


Derek being called a beast, is not something I expected.  #TeamGay.


I continue to detest this Laurel-Nicole dynamic. Flora speaking the truth.  Flora is mother.

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Brandon kinda ate Cara up sorry not sorry. That man gets married, has a kid, gets divorced, loses his father, and you don't reach out once cause you"re a "hermit" but you expect that man to ride or die for you in a game for half a million dollars with only one winner? Nah f*ck that. I really don't blame any of these people for playing their own game. After dealing with the Vacation Alliance for like five straight seasons I'm totally cool with seeing individual games being prioritized.

Also has anyone noticed Cara's fake accent coming out more and more this season? We haven't heard this accent since like Rivals maybe? But okay :rolleyes:. Idk maybe I'm just a hater. Everyone knows I've never been a Cara fan. She's absolutely a legend and it's nice to see her back after all these years, but I'm not gonna just start rooting for her. I'm glad she's in a better place from WOTW2, but all the qualities I found annoying about her in her earlier seasons haven't magically gone away.


I was kinda rooting for Brandon here. I always like him and liked seeing him make big moves. I'm more so happy for Kam that she still has Leroy lol.


Laurel & Nicole...I mean what even is there to say? Just such mess. Mother Flora trying to teach these kids about being mature adults :wub: :wub: :wub:. It's all gonna end in disaster, I hope the drama is juicy and worth it girls...

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Some thoughts on the latest episode:


- Not gonna lie but I'm kinda here for feisty Cara-Maria. :giggle: Def curious to seeing how the Cara-Maria/Jasmine/Brandon dynamic will go.
- Loving the Kam & Leroy scenes as always. ❤️
- Oooh goodness.... this scene of Nicole & Laurel being all playful and play wrestling and all with each other. Lol loved Cara's and Veronica's confessionals on it. But yeah.... I.... do not know how to feel about all of this with their history with each other. Though I like seeing them on good terms, at least.
- Lol I love this show's music playlist. First "Hit 'Em Up Style" and now "Case of the Ex"? They play nothing but THE JAMS! :wub:
- Lol Leroy trying to be the mediator peace maker but of course Cara Maria and Kam blew up in their argument.
- Lol Brad being so confident in this challenge but flopping so hard was sending me! :dead: I loved how mad everyone was at him too. :haha: But ughh this messes up Leroy's chances of safety so I don't appreciate that. :/
- lmaoo Jasmine's comments on Veronica's bottom. :lmao:
- Oh wow, Cara Maria's group had a pretty good strategy. I wonder if that will help them out.
- Oooh wow the Orange team won.... okay because it's factored in with the most liquid and fastest time combo. OK so that helped Kam's team and hurt Cara Maria's team. 😮 But yayy Kam winning! But ugh then I realize she can't protect Leroy now.
 - Oh dear, Cara Maria in the middle group. Gah yeah, she's gunning hard at Brandon and Leroy now. Ugh poor Leroy when he wasn't even the one to betray Cara. :(
- Aww the segment with Brandon and his adorable adorable was so cute!
- Oh dear.... more Laurel & Nicole scenes. I have a feeling that this may not end well but I really hope I can be proven wrong. And lol then comes the scene after their bedroom scene with Nicole putting a distance between them. And now Laurel is crying about their past (which I do feel bad for her on). Gah I knew this would all be such a bad idea. :broken: I just want this storyline to end....so I'll need Nicole to go soon, lol.
- Wow that vote deliberation went pretty easy and fast - with it being Brandon vs. Leroy. Really hoping the best for Leroy but with his challenge performance this season..... I am not too hopeful for him. :broken:
- Danng this is a challenge that takes a lot of patience and calm energy, which I feel may not work in Leroy's favor.
- Lmao I'm shocked about Cara Maria rooting moreso for Brandon here but her comments make sense why she's doing so.
- Wow Brandon was smoking Leroy at the start of this and thought he was going to have a runaway win. I love how Leroy slowly but surely came back and was able to tie it. OMGG WHOA, Leroy pulled out a very close and tight win, yayayyyyy!!! :spaz: He got that win when he most needed it and just like that, he got his golden star right when he needed it! :ohyeah: I'm just glad he did something to prove himself rather than Kam carrying him and their game, lol. Oh wait, I forgot he could also steal a woman's star for Kam, which I could also see him doing.
- Aww I do feel bad for Brandon going out like this. :( If he was up against nearly any other guy, I could have rooted for him. I loved his comments of being proud for Leroy. But yeah Brandon turning against Cara, that did him no justice.
- I understand and thought Leroy would take Adam's star. It makes sense as he has to preotect his own game. If he did that with the girls, it could hurt and make Kam a target.

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Fun episode! Loooooved the musical chairs daily, I wish it stuck with that the whole time. Really impressed with Derek there. I fear I may have underestimated him coming into the season. But he's won the last two dailys and now dominated this one before it switched up, despite being partnered with Jasmine. Just like Jonna before All-Stars, maybe there's something in the drinking water of these Cancun Real Worlders or something. Bring CJ back!


The men's side is getting sliiiiiightly more interesting. I mean, they just voted the two most disconnected men in again. But I think some of the outsiders are starting to wise up and team up like Steve, Ace, and Adam. Adam doing Cara Maria's bidding wasn't a good look for him, but I think he's still smart. Jay in the middle of the Cara vs. Nicole war could be fun. Brad, I don't know what's going on with him this season. He's always been a bit off as we saw with Britini in Vendettas, but I feel like in the All-Stars seasons he's been pretty lowkey. The screws are loose again and I can't wait to see where it brings us.


The girls are delivering as per usual though. Everyone vs. Cara Maria is a story we've seen before, but she really just brings it upon herself lmao. Like she even pissed Flora off, that's a special kind of talent. Disappointed to lose Jasmine here, she was really bringing the drama this season. But Jasmine is so weak, you know not to get invested in her because she's just never gonna make it to the end unless her political game improves drastically. All credit to Queen Vee of course. One thing she's gonna do is pull off an insane political move at the 11th hour to save herself from elimination, and she's done it once again. What a legend!

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According to post-game interviews it seems Flora crafted the deal between Jasmine & Nicole which is why Nicole saved Jasmine first, but Veronica mindf*cked Nicole on the elimination floor. Love to hear Flora get active like that! Nicole just listening to the last person she talked to is such a Nicole move though lmao.

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This is Cara Maria's Challenge. Montezuma's Cara Maria's Revenge?  She is the central character this season and its all about how she maneuvers to keep her star.  However, her titan grip on that star might hurt her more then help her as its just going to get people to through her into the bottom again the first time she's vulnerable.  


I love Kam, but watching Cara block her from getting a star just to see Kam seethe that her plan didn't work was hilarious.  I want to see the two of them in elimination sometime if they can't sort things out.  


Veronica's social game getting Nicole to change her decision was the highlight of the episode.  She did it with such ease too.  


Nicole's only use is eliminating Jasmine, now that she's done it she can leave.  The female star holders are almost perfect, just need Laurel to have Nicole's star. I would be perfectly happy to never have Jasmine again.  She's dramatic yes, but she leaves no impact on the season.  


I too am really impressed by Derek this season, and I think he's my favorite male.

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Yay I just watched the latest episode, so some thoughts:


- LOL I already feel so exhausted with watching Laurel & Nicole and their scenes on this show. :dead: I am happy that they are on good terms right now, at least.
- OMG Ryan saying how Brad & Laurel are the strongest male & female pairing of this game. And then Brad FLOPS hard with being the first one out. :dead: OMGGG he is such a hot messs this season. WHAT is going on with him? :dead:
- Wow this running to the bleachers seats challenge is so cutthroat.
- Loved seeing Kam & Leroy as a team. Rooting for them.
- Oooh blahhh @ Ace & Nicole winning. Not a fan of that.
- Ugh sad to see Derek & Jasmine, Kam & Leroy and Laurel and Tina in the bottom group. :( Oh and Veronica too. Ugh I'm a fan of all of the girls so this sucks. :broken:
- Oooh danggg it.... a double elimination with a man and woman going. Ugh. :broken:
- LOL this conversation between Cara Maria and Jay.... now Cara knows that Jasmine is gonna target her, so lol Cara really made a mistake of giving her a star thinking that would make Jasmine a target but it doesn't. :dead:
- OMG WHAT is this that's going on with Laurel & Nicole? OMG. :dead:
- I'm fine with Steve vs. Kelfa for the guys.
- OMG woww the girls vote was insane! Wow Cara Maria working her way to get what she wanted. Gahhh, ugh not a fan of her getting what she wanted. :/
- OMG Flora's comments about Cara Maria to Nicole. :dead: Some of Nicole's comments had me loling too. :haha:
- Ughh a physical elimination that Kam could have slayed? UGH. 😢
- LOL Tina's reaction to Nicole deciding to take part in the elimination. :dead: But yayyy about time that someone that wins a daily goes into the elimination to fight for themselves.
- Yayy Nicole replaces Jasmine. Jasmine gets spared, yayy. :giggle:
- OMG LOL WHATT? Nicole changes her mind to go against Jasmine? What in the world? WHY is this so much drama? :dead: Lmao I don't know how Veronica was able to save herself like that lmaooo but that was seriously impressive of her to get herself out of danger. Major props to Veronica there. :haha: Dangg, I think Jasmine got no shot in this, ughhh. :broken:
- Kelfa vs. Steve. I am banking on Kelfa wins but it could be a toss up.
- Oooh yikes, Kelfa was not looking good in this and gassed out pretty fast. Ugh that's a bummer for Kelfa. :( Well done to Steve.
- Ugh not looking forward to an easy Nicole win here. I'd love to see Jasmine pulled off the impossible to win this, but I can't even be that delusional lol.
- Ugh this outcome was so obvious and heartbreaking to see. :broken: Little Jasmine did her best and gave it a great effort. But I knew she was no match for Nicole. :broken: I do love how Jasmine stepped up her social and political game. ❤️ I'm really sad to see her go like this but she did last longer than I thought so yay for that. 
- Steve gave his star to Ace was a bit of a surprise. But I guess Ace's comments on it makes sense. 

Oooh and I also agree with Alex's comments on the Cancun Real Worlders. That was one of the few Real World seasons I did watch a decent amount of so I'm always rooting for that cast to do well. It's great and fun seeing Derek thriving here.  :yes: I would also love to see CJ come back at some point too.

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Wow, Brad was definitely one of my picks early on to win this whole season. He was just...off the entire time. Can't say I'm upset about him losing, I'm not a huge Brad fan. Also happy Adam won it. One of the best things about All-Stars is seeing these once twenty year old douchebags from back in the day mature into likable adults. I haaaaaated Adam back in the day with his Queen Sarah Greyson jealousy. Adam would be the first to agree he hated himself too and now I really like him!


This was a pretty eh episode, just waiting for next week for everything to finally blow up with Laurel, Nicole, and Cara Maria lmao.

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Yayy just watched the latest episode, so some thoughts:


- At least we're getting some more insight on Brad with how this is such a bad season for him. But yeah I am glad Leroy was brought up as this has been a tough season no him too.
- Yayy Trivia is always a fun challenge!
 - Lol at no one wanting to pick Brad for their partner. Poor Brad. :dead:
- lol yikes at Brad as a teacher not being able to spell "authority." That was such an easy word lol. And oh Brad & Flora were the first team put into the losing group. That isn't a surprise there.
- Ughh noo Kam & Steve in the losing group. Well, I'm alright about that with Steve but sad for Kam. But at least it's a male's elimination day.
- lol Ace getting the couch question wrong when he lays on it so much.
- Derek continues to be impressive with the spelling words portion of this trivia game.
- Oooh yayy I'm happy for Leroy & Veronica winning the main challenge! 😄 Happy for Leroy getting a win on a main challenge! And happy and love how Veronica came through for Leroy too. Both did an impressive job - though so did Derek too!
- Ryan has been getting a lot of airtime, with his sobriety storyline. Which is great and beautiful to see. But this also has me worried that this could be his last episode.
- WTH at Ace's speech at the dinner? :dead: LOL his speech calling out Adam & Brad to fight for the elimination, lmaoo. What a mess this is. :lmao: I understand why Brad was heated about this.
- LMAOO Why is Tina so cringe with her voting in eliminations? :dead: OMG her confessional about her voting is so hilarious. :lmao: 
- Oooh wow, Brad vs. Adam kinda surprised me. 😮 I'm happy that Derek was able to come through to protect Ryan. OMG Ace got what he wanted via the dinner party at least. :giggle:
- LOL Leroy's reaction to rejecting taking part in the elimination. :lmao:
- Brad vs. Adam should be good! Brad has a lot to prove himself tonight and I wonder if he will be his old beast mode self or his current hot mess self. I'm thinking the latter. I do feel like Adam is more focused so I feel like he could win this. 
- Lol me predicting Adam to win this but then Brad all of a sudden start slaying it. :lmao: But it's looking back and forth between them.
- Ooh alright, my initial prediction of Adam winning was correct. I called and figured that would happen. Aww it's sad for Brad. Despite and except for the first episode/challenge, this has been a shockingly really rough and bad season for Brad. In most seasons, I would be surprised to see him go this soon as he's usually so dominant but with how his performance has been this season, I am not surprised about this. I am sure he'll come back with a vengeance next time he does this show.
- No surprises about Adam stealing Ace's star. I'm fine with that as Ace was just handed his star and didn't have to fight/work for it, like mostly everyone else did. lol at how nonchalant Ace was about this though. :haha: I feel like he's there just to have a good time, lol. 
- OMGG next week looks like it's gonna be heated between Kam, Cara, Nicole and Laurel. Can not wait for this madness! :wub:

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