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QK Top 50 songs of 2023


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We are back for year 5 of my yearly top 50 songs rankings! This has always been a fun thing to do so I will keep doing them! Like the previous years there was a lot of great music that was released this year and I definitely went back and forth on my rankings like normal and I even changed my #1 a couple times since a lot of songs would have made for a strong #1! The rules are the same as they were in the past the song had to have been released this year and only 3 songs are allowed per artist. There are some new artists this year that haven't made the list before and there are some people who have made it in the past but didn't make it this year. With that being said it's not going to be vastly different than it was before,  there will be a few non country songs but the majority of the songs will indeed be country songs.  I will post the first 5 songs tomorrow at some point but in the mean time I will post a refresher on the previous years results.  Tagging people who I think might be interested in seeing this! @Bk1234 @jarmon @*Diana @*Chris @taylorkat @ATX29 @1234567890 @*Wallace 



2022 Top 5

1. Already Crazy - Carter Faith

2. Trust Fund Cowboy - Leah Marie Mason

3. Greener Pasture - Carter Faith

4. Placeholder - Kaylin Roberson

5. Tears Into Diamonds - Leah Marie Mason


2021 Top 5

1.Kalie Shorr - "Amy"
2.Carly Pearce - "What He Didn't Do"
3.Danielle Bradbery - "Stop Draggin' Your Boots"
4.Tenille Arts - 'Girl to Girl'
5.Cassadee Pope - "What The Stars See"


2020 Top 5

1. Another Life - Tenille Arts
2. My Voice - Kalie Shorr
3. love and hate - Kelsea Ballerini
4. Meant to be - Gracee Shriver
5. The Stranger - Ingrid Andress


2019 Top 5

1. If My Heart Had A Heart - Cassadee Pope

2. Lullaby - Kalie Shorr

3. Blackout - Danielle Bradbery

4. Perspective - Bailey Bryan

5. F U Forever - Kalie Shorr



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1. Everleave - Alexandra Kay
2. amen - Alana Springsteen
3. Penthouse - Kelsea Ballerini
4. If I Die Young Pt.2 - Kimberly Perry
5. Man - Carter Faith
6. Think You're Jolene - Emily Brooke
7. Fish to Fry - Kaylin Roberson
8. Be A Cowboy - Hunter Rae
9. Black Sheep - Leah Marie Mason
10. Worst In Me - Avery Anna
11. The Tree - Maren Morris
12. Smoke Too Soon - Carter Faith
13. If You Were A Song - Abbey Cone
14. Cigarettes - Laci Kaye Booth
15. Painted Him Perfect - Alexandra Kay
16. when we were friends - Alana Springsteen
17. Drive You Out Of My Mind - Kassi Ashton
18. Fool's Gold - Kimberly Perry
19. Red Ruby Boots - Leah Marie Mason
20. All I've Ever Known - Alexandra Kay
21. Self Love - Avery Anna
22. Mountain With A View - Kelsea Ballerini
23. Wonder Woman - Tenille Arts
24. Runaways - Danielle Bradbery
25. We Don't Fight Anymore - Carly Pearce, Chris Stapleton
26. The Middle One - Kaylin Roberson
27. Right There With  You - Amanda Jordan, Mitch Rossell
28. ghost im my guitar - Alana Springsteen (featuring Chris Stapleton)
29. Making It As I Go - Kylie Morgan
30. Holy Water - Leah Marie Mason
31. Carolina Burns - Carter Faith
32. Next Thing You KNow - Jordan Davis
33. Monster- Danielle Bradbery
34. That's Why We Fight- Ella Langley (featuring Koe Wetzel)
35. Deathbed - Kalie Shorr
36. Talk of the Town - Abbey Cone
37. He Set Her Off - Emily Ann Roberts
38. Buzzin' Like You - Emily Brooke
39. Catch - Kaylee Rose, Julia Cole
40. Heart They Didn't Break - Maddie & Tae
41. God's Hotel - Peytan Porter
42. Heaven Knows - Morgan Johnston
43. Boys In Boots - Erin Kinsey
44. HEAL MY SOUL - Allegra Miles
45. The Thing That Wrecks You - Tenille Townes, Bryan Adams
46. Whispering - Brooke Eden
47. Last Man in Tennessee- Track 45
48. Heartbreak On The Map - Dan + Shay
49. Over Sad Songs - HALIE
50. Thicc As Thieves - Lauren Alaina (featuring Lainey Wilson)

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50. "Thicc As Thieves" - Lauren Alaina (featuring Lainey Wilson)


Starting off the top 50 with a fun song. Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson came together to sing a silly but fun song about their butts. 😂 They made up a tiktok dance for it and everything. It would probably be a fun song to see them perform live at some show maybe during like cmafest or something. It's certainly no masterpiece of a song or anything like that but I like to start these rankings off with fun and silly songs so that's why I am putting this song at #50. 




49. "Over Sad Songs" - HALIE

Halie is an artist that I discovered when I was watching Songland and American Song Contest. She is probably the smallest named artist on this list but I think since she is such a terrific song writer(Martina Mcbride did pick her song after all) that she has a bright future in the business!





48. "Heartbreak On The Map" - Dan + Shay


To the surprise of their haters Dan + Shay latest album was a very country album and it was a very strong album overall. They will be coaches on the next season of The Voice so it's going to be interesting to see how well they do on there. Maybe Halie should try out for the Voice and be on their team. 😂







47.  "Last Man in Tennessee" - Track 45


Track 45 is a family trio made up of KK Johnson, Ben and Jenna.  All 3 of them are very gifted song writers who have written huge hits that have gone #1 for other artists. Last Man in Tennessee is such a fun song and KK's vocals shine through which makes for a great song! 





46. "Whispering" - Brooke Eden


Brooke says everything I would have written about her and this song in this video so I will just link that instead of writing about it. 




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45. The Thing That Wrecks You - Tenille Townes, Bryan Adams

I would say it took a little while for Tenille Townes to grow on me. I remember listening to her stuff at first being like this is nice but it wasn't stuff that I would repeately go back to. Bu I wentto a free concert of hers earlier this year and saw her perform live really well so that helped peek me interest more. I also think I generally enjoyed the new stuff that she recently released more than some of her older stuff. 





44. HEAL MY SOUL - Allegra Miles


Queen of going on both The Voice and American Idol. Also Queenie added me to her close friends list on IG so we love that for me. But honestly Allegra is one of the nicest persons that I have ever met and one of the few non country artists that will show up on my list. 





43. Boys In Boots - Erin Kinsey


Erin is in my signature so clearly I am a fan of hers. This particular song is just a fun catchy song about the type of guys that she likes. 





42. Heaven Knows - Morgan Johnston


Morgan is someone that I discovered this year so but she has a great voice and this is such a well written song. It's a song that she wasn't planning on ever releasing that she wrote about someone who was like a second father to her that suddenly passed away. 





41. God's Hotel - Peytan Porter


PP is another person that is new to my rankings. This song is basically about her just being a normal person that isn't super religous but is still hoping to make it to heaven or at least in a hotel made by God. It's a pretty song that I listened to a lot this year. 




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20. All I've Ever Known - Alexandra Kay





19. Red Ruby Boots - Leah Marie Mason





18. Fool's Gold - Kimberly Perry





17. Drive You Out Of My Mind - Kassi Ashton





16. when we were friends - Alana Springsteen




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