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Welcome to the Paige Anne fan universe ... 🙂 


Official Site









Cover Medley (including "Rolling in the Deep" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You")




"Free" Music Video (Original Song) 




"Where Are You Christmas" cover (from The Grinch) - age 11




"The Way You Got Me" (Original Song)




"Missile" Music Video (Original Song)



American Idol 




Fan List


1) jazzontherocks

2) jamescasaki

3) StarWalker1

4) wgm

5) m1key

6) allistr

7) CUFanForever82


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Paige has been liking comments on Instagram about her returning. 🙂 Ppl have known there were only 25 contestants they let through to the Top 26 on TV, so there must be an extra name. Let’s spread the word and get ready to vote.

I hope Idol announces her return way before the show so she has time to promote herself. 

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